It was a case of: do not pass go, do not collect £250,000. For Pamela Uddin there was no "get out of jail free" card this week – only a waiting taxi after she was fired for losing tonight's board game task.


It was the first time Pamela had taken on the role of project manager but she doesn't blame her dating-themed game for her downfall: she blames the other contestants' conniving.

“I think the majority of people go in with a game in mind and go in with tactics," Pamela tells "I think with myself – I’m such an open person – I don’t necessarily have a game plan. I’m very genuine and I was just me in there."

"I just went about it the way I would go about anything. I think maybe that’s what let me down slightly – everybody knew my cards.”

In fact, Pamela feels it was the right time for her to leave the competition, before she was caught up in the "gloves off" approach of others in the boardroom.

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“I always said that if I felt like I was getting nasty in the boardroom, or I had to put someone else down to make me look OK, then it was time for me to go. The one thing I didn’t want to do in this process was lose a sense of who I am. I think if I was to stay any longer that might have happened. I would probably have had to have got a little bit more ‘non me’,” Pamela explains.

One candidate who’s been picked out by Lord Sugar himself for game-playing is Lauren Riley, who only just missed out on being fired – even though Pamela took her back into the boardroom for not doing much.

“I never thought that Lauren had a game plan until we were in that boardroom and Lord Sugar said it. Then I thought, ‘Oh, now it makes sense, she does.’”

Not that Pamela holds any grudges. “She kept her head down and, fair play to her, she’s still there. She spoke when she needed to speak. She carries herself really well.”

Although she says a similar thing of Daniel Lassman – “I’m here and he’s not!" – she maintains he was more to blame than she was for the failure of the task because he came up with laughable questions.

“I did feel Daniel made more mistakes than me, therefore I feel he should have gone instead. He developed the questions for the game, that was his area of expertise, that’s what he does in his day-to-day life – pub quizzes. So he messed up on that one.”

Arguably Daniel should have been project manager, given that it seemed to most naturally fit his skills. But Pamela reveals the team probably couldn’t face another week with Daniel in charge.

“Because Daniel led task five and we all weren’t happy with how he’d PM’d the task, I don’t think anybody wanted him to lead this next task.”

But is it just for good TV that people like Daniel, who claims to be a good salesman but can’t seem to shift a thing, stay in?

“At the end of the day it’s a business programme. Everyone that gets on is there because of their business acumen. I don’t think it’s [about] who’s good on TV. I think Daniel has been kept there because his business plan is quite good.”

So, now Pamela’s out, who’s she tipping to win?

“I think Mark [Wright] is playing a very good game. He knows what he’s doing. I think you’re going to see an awful lot more of Mark. I have picked him out to maybe win the series."

“I would watch Phillipe [Alviar-Baquero] too. I think Roisin [Hogan] is very good. Katie [Bulmer-Cooke] as well. Solomon [Akhtar] might get there too. We’ve got very strong contestants this year and they’re all playing a very good game. It’s about who outwits who.”


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