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The Apprentice’s Aleksandra says the series is “not good enough” when it comes to providing family contact

After unexpectedly walking out in tonight’s episode, the business consultancy owner explains why she REALLY left

Published: Friday, 28th October 2016 at 8:05 am

Tonight’s Apprentice saw a pretty unprecedented event, as candidate Aleksandra King abruptly walked out on her team-mates mid-task, exiting the process permanently.


"I'm really sorry… I'm just not enjoying it,” the business consultancy owner said, later adding "I have found the process overwhelming and stressful and really intense and I just want to go home… Now. Right now." has since had the chance to catch up with the Aleksandra – and she says the reasons behind her decision weren’t as simple as they appeared.

“Obviously the initial response of Grainne and Lord Sugar was ‘Oh she couldn’t hack it,’ but it’s nothing at all like that,” Aleksandra told us. “I felt that there were two things that perhaps didn’t fit with me about the process.

“First there’s a little bit of a blame culture going on, which causes a lot of unnecessary stress.

“And the other thing was that I just felt like the whole work/life balance thing was off, and I felt like the really limited contact I had with my family was just not good enough really."

“Going into it, I knew that there would be restricted contact, and obviously I know how Lord Sugar is, I’ve watched the Apprentice, I’m aware of all of that stuff.

“But having actually experienced the process, it made me feel like ‘Oh, this is not for me. I need to change this. I’m gonna go make my own way.’”

“You know, sometimes you think being in a relationship is a great idea with a certain person. You think ‘Oh yes, I’ll do that, it’ll be all good.’

“And then you get into the relationship and you go ‘What on EARTH have I done?’ It’s kind of like that.”

Hopefully she hasn't hurt Lord Sugar's feelings too much...


The Apprentice will continue on BBC1 next Thursday 3rd November at 9:00pm


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