The Apprentice week 10: Lord Sugar’s easiest firing?

There are no second chances in this week’s The Apprentice as Lord Sugar dismisses a candidate with “no discussion”

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It’s the Apprentice week 10 and Lord Sugar looks like he’s in full swing when it comes to pointing the firing finger.


Sugar’s listened to a fair amount of whining this series – he even had backchat in the first week after Jazz Ampaw-Farr called him “man” – but his patience appears to have worn thin as he dismisses a candidate with “no discussion”.

This week’s task sees the candidates split back into male versus female teams, with Neil Clough, Myles Mordaunt and Jordan Poulton taking on Leah Totton, Luisa Zissman and Francesca MacDuff-Varley, as they seek to set up a business in 48 hours.

We also must comment on Jordan’s choice of attire for Sugar’s video message in the house – a tie dye sarong? Really?

The boys settle on starting up a homeware shop while the girls give fashion a go, dressing up in their own stock in the hope of shifting more clobber.

Neither team seems very clear on what they’re doing – although they’ve no doubt got Lord Sugar’s favourite phrase “smell what sells” ringing in their ears.

On the girls’ team, Luisa looks set to stock up on a whole heap of hats she herself describes as looking like “roadkill”, while on the boys’ team Myles and Neil try to overcome their lack of stock by piling most of it in the doorway.

Well, customers don’t actually need to be able to get in the shop, do they?

It’s fine, Karren looks really impressed…

Given these hints all’s not well in either camp, it seems fitting that Lord Sugar is on the war path – casting another deflated candidate out of the series quicker than one could say a quarter of a million pounds.

Could this be the quickest firing of the series yet? Is Lord Sugar getting more decisive as the series goes on?

Even Myles looks like he’s ready to cry. It’s going to be a good one…


The Apprentice continues Wednesday 9:00pm, BBC1