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The Apprentice: Fired Sanjay Sood Smith says Nick Hewer "nameless" jibe still haunts him

Hewer’s “chilling” assessment of Sanjay’s Apprentice performance still plays on the fired candidate’s mind

Published: Wednesday, 10th December 2014 at 9:01 pm

Tonight Sanjay Sood Smith was fired from Lord Sugar’s Apprentice process after his branding efforts went a trifle wrong (one for the fans there...), but it’s the words of aide Nick Hewer that’ll stick with him.


Following Sanjay’s efforts to sell foldable wellies and a swinging chair at the Royal Bath and West Show in week nine, Hewer said Sanjay didn’t feature at all in his notes. “Nameless” he branded him in what Sanjay jokes was a rather chilling delivery.

“I remember at the time being completely speechless. It was like a dagger to the heart. It was a pretty chilling thing to say,” Sanjay tells

And it’s stuck with him, more so than a boardroom firing from Lord Sugar it seems.

“I sometimes expect to be lying at home at night and hear the phone ringing and Nick will just go ‘Nameless’ down the phone.”

While the former banker is gutted to be out of the process, he admits he's probably better off out of the upcoming interview stage.

“To be honest, I think Katie and I have dodged a bullet actually,” Sanjay laughs of his fellow boardroom evictee. “If Lord Sugar didn’t believe in our business plans anyway, I don’t really see the need to be gratuitously ripped apart for the hell of it.”


The Apprentice continues next Wednesday on BBC1


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