The Apprentice candidates took Nick Hewer to Nando’s. He didn’t get the fuss.

Bemused. So, so bemused by the PERi-PERi chicken excitement

You may be clinging on to your Nando’s loyalty card, dreaming of that day you’ll have saved up just enough glorious stamps to earn a whole chicken (a whole chicken), but The Apprentice aide Nick Hewer found the restaurant chain rather bemusing.


“It was Nick’s first time at Nando’s,” this year’s runner-up Bianca Miller tells of the time they took him on a jolly PERi-PERi chicken jaunt.

“He didn’t like it too much.”

Yes, that is the sound of a thousand hearts breaking at this chicken catastrophe. Or perhaps a thousand bottles of PERi-PERi sauce. Mr Nando (is there a Mr Nando?) is probably inconsolable.

“Nick didn’t understand why there was such a big fuss,” Bianca adds, revealing they’d tempted him into the delightful establishment on a lunch break during a task.

It would be quite the sight to see Nick, probably with a smashing pair of shades on (he loved those this series) filling up his own cup with Coca Cola, searching for a lid, being sure not to spill a drop as he navigated his way back to his table. His ‘tickle your tastebuds’ flag (or perhaps he went ‘hot’, the daredevil) standing all proud, poking out of his steaming hot chicken. Probably a side of Macha peas, because why the hell not?

“To be fair, I don’t think he went up to get his own Coca Cola,” laughs Bianca.

That’s probably where he went wrong. It’s half the fun. Limitless, Nick. LIMITLESS. And a Cola mixed with Fanta, just because you can? The laughs are endless.

No wonder this didn’t cut it.


The Apprentice returns next year on BBC1