The Apprentice: 5 unexpected things we learned from winner Mark Wright

From giving up half his winnings to get Lord Sugar on the dance floor to which fellow candidate he’d hire, we get to know more about this year’s champ

Mark Wright has just won a £250,000 business investment from boss of The Apprentice boardroom, Lord Sugar. As of the new year, Mark will be going full steam ahead with his internet business Climb Online, which helps small and medium-sized businesses get their websites higher up search engine ranks.


Fresh from finding out he’d won, Mark decided that, rather than have a much-needed rest or jet off on holiday, he’d talk to us here at

And among detailing just how “overwhelmed” he is with his win, after overcoming runner-up Bianca Miller in the final boardroom showdown, we learnt a number of interesting facts about the new Apprentice winner…

His celebrations were a bit tame

“It was not as fun as I would have hoped,” Mark admits. “A lot of interviews [sorry!]. I went and caught up with Lord Sugar and his advisors. I went and saw aides Nick Hewer and Karren Brady and then I went to see all of the candidates for the first time since we’ve left the process. I only managed to have one beer unfortunately. But I’m sure I’ll have a few more with my Christmas lunch.”

He’s already discussed having Bianca’s hosiery company – now Bianca Miller London – on his books

Not one to miss an opportunity, Mark’s already chatted to his fellow finalist about signing her up as a customer. “I think her business plan is fantastic and she’s spotted a hole in the market. She’s going to go ahead and do her business and I’d like to take it to the market for her and work with her on that, because I think it’s great.” In fact, he says there are “a number of candidates” who’ve already approached him. “It’s a great networking experience,” he adds of the show.

Felipe tops his list of candidates he’d hire

The fired candidates had better make a start on tailoring those CVs – Mark is pretty enthusiastic about his former competitors. “Someone like Felipe, Bianca, Roisin, Katie and Sanjay would have a job with me today,” he gushes. And why does Felipe get top billing on his list? “Felipe’s just a lovely guy and he’s very sharp. He’s a tremendous lawyer, he’s an incredibly smart cookie and he’s someone you’d want on your side in your legal department or administration to make sure the firm’s running successfully.” Just as long as he’s not tasked with sorting out a skeleton for the office.

No-one’s called Mark about the vacancy left by Nick Hewer

“Well, they haven’t asked me yet,” Mark laughs when we discuss the announcement of Nick’s departure from the show and who might step in. But he’s pretty sure Sugar will have someone in mind. “I think it will be someone not from a media background, it will be someone Lord Sugar’s done business with in the past. He’s likely to put whoever he wants and whoever he’s comfortable to work with.”

And finally… Mark would sacrifice a hefty sum of money to see his new boss on the dancefloor 

Want to know how to get Mark to give up half of his £250,000 investment money? Get Lord Sugar doing the Macarena. Mark didn’t come up with this idea on his own, but when I asked if Lord Sugar had been dancing at the wrap party, Mark admitted the boardroom boss hadn’t been throwing any shapes. “I would have given half my investment to see Lord Sugar do the Macarena, but I didn’t.” Maybe at next year’s Christmas party?


The Apprentice returns next year on BBC1