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The Apprentice 2016 winner Alana Spencer: “I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet”

The bakery business owner has big plans with Lord Sugar

Published: Monday, 19th December 2016 at 7:40 am

There were two strong candidates left in The Apprentice 2016 final, but only one could take the prize (and the cake) – and that was bakery business owner Alana Spencer, who triumphed over gift maker Courtney Wood in the final moments of tonight’s episode.


Wowing Lord Sugar and his advisors with sweet treats dubbed ‘Ridiculously Rich by Alana’, the 24-year-old candidate is now looking forward to a future where she can add a little Sugar to her recipes, and she says she can’t wait.

“I’m in shock, excited – incredibly excited,” Alana told “I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet.

“When we were in the boardroom and they were saying how well Courtney pitched, I was starting to feel a little bit worried. Because I thought that was my trump card, and actually he absolutely nailed it. I think it was anyone’s game to be honest.

“I think Lord Sugar could see a lot in Courtney’s business, and I know if he’d gone with Courtney they would have made it a massive success, but I think he basically just wanted to take a risk and go for someone that he hadn’t got already. And I think he could also see the potential that he could have in my business.”

However, Sugar was less keen on one thing – making puns on his surname to promote her baked goods (sorry for our own attempt in the second paragraph, Shugs).

“I did have Sugar & Spence as my proposed business name in the business plan round, but that got shot down,” Alana told us. “I thought it was great.”

Whoops – and it wasn’t the only awkward conversation Alana had to have once filming finished, preparing her boyfriend (and employee) for the moment when she was forced to tell Linda Plant that he was replaceable in her business during Thursday’s interview task…

“He knew about it already, I’d briefed him,” she said. “I think I maybe over-briefed him.


Alana with the other candidates during the interview task

“I told him it was going to be horrendous, and when it was shown I don’t think it was actually as bad as we thought it was going to be. But, you know, we spoke about it and I think if I’d given a different response, I don’t know if I’d be in the situation I am.

“I think it was kind of the only response I could have given. And he is definitely still in a job, so it’s all OK there.”

And with Lord Sugar’s mentorship and investment he won’t be the only employee Alana has for long, with the pair already making plans for their new business together.

“The plan is to recruit a load of ambassadors, who will be essentially franchises who will be working for the Ridiculously Rich brand, and they will be attending food festivals and country shows within their area,” she told “And they’ll also be able to sell to delis and cafes.”

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.


The Apprentice will return to BBC1 in 2017


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