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Stuart Little star Jonathan Lipnicki storms out of Celebs Go Dating

The star walked out after his date dropped references to his childhood acting career

Published: Monday, 12th February 2018 at 2:13 pm

Remember Jonathan Lipnicki’s adorable roles in films like The Little Vampire and Stuart Little? Well, he’d rather you didn’t. Especially if you’re on a date with him.


The proof? The latest episode of Celebs Go Dating where the now-27-year-old actor walked out on his date for references to his past as a child actor.

Here’s how it went down: first, Lipnicki posed the question: “If I told you that my dog staying in my bed is, like, a definite thing that has to happen what would you say about that?”

"I just see you as really innocent," replied his date. "It's just strange to picture a wee boy doing extra-curricular activities."

And this response didn’t make Lipnicki too happy. “If someone can only see me for the child actor I was, that's going to be a huge issue in a relationship,” he said. “I’ve been doubted my whole life and I’ve overcome every single thing and you know I always keep coming back.”

He added: “I call myself the comeback king”. To which his date, who really hadn’t picked up on the vibes, responded: “the comeback KID?”.

And after that, Lipnicki thanked his date, walked out of the room and threw himself face first on to his bed.

Well, at least that’s what happened on the show that was broadcast. After the episode, Lipnicki told fans on Twitter that his date had made several “rude” comments, but they were edited out.

Tough luck, kid. JONATHAN! We meant to say Jonathon! Come back!


Celebs Go Dating is on Sunday at 9pm on E4


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