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Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week one, Saturday - live blog

Join Strictly superfan Ellie Walker-Arnott for the second part of week one, as nine celebs perform their first live dances... logo
Published: Saturday, 26th September 2015 at 2:00 pm

Welcome back for the second part of Strictly Come Dancing Week One. Last night we saw six celebrities perform their first numbers in front of the judges and tonight there are nine nervously waiting in the wings... 


Join me, Ellie Walker-Arnott, live from 6:15pm tonight. You can tweet me your comments, questions, queries and snap judgements on tonight's dances @Ellie_Wa... 

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So that's it for tonight. Our two trips to glitter HQ concluded. Do let us know what you thought of the weekend's performances - you know, fave hip wipples, best fringing, funniest dance face - in the comments box or on Twitter. 

And I'll see you all back here next Saturday at 6:20pm. Go on, pop it in your diaries. It's a date. 

Keeeeeep dancing! x


The final leaderboard? Peter and Janette are at the top with 30, Carol is still at the bottom with 16. Thankfully no one is in danger this week. Strictly are saving that stress for next Sunday. 


Time for a helpful recap of the weekend's dances. Anita, Jay, Helen, Georgia and Peter are my front runners, and not just because they are high up on the leaderboard, promise. 

Jeremy Vine and Ainsley Harriott were also highlights. And, as previously mentioned, I'd happily watch Carol Kirkwood stand still and smile for 90 seconds, so I'm looking forward to her performance next week too. 


Craig and Bruno award him a 7, Darcey and Len give him an 8. He de-thrones Helen George. Andre is top of the leaderboard! 


"The best dance of the two nights," grins Len. "Fantastic. I love the performance level," says Bruno

Craig calls it a showstopper. "I really, really liked it... you rocked it, darling."

"I'm very excited about next week," adds Darcey. 

Think it's fair to say they like it!


Obviously he is amazing. Oiling up his pecs and emerging from waterfalls aren't his only skills. 

Andre gets a well deserved standing ovation. I'd get up from my sofa, but I've got a bowl of crisps balanced precariously on my lap... 


Next up it's Peter. Personally, this is the performance I've been waiting for. I've been #TeamPeter for years. I'm a little disappointed he won't be dancing to Mysterious Girl. Strictly HQ insist he won't EVER dance to his 90s classic. Or Insania, for that matter. But I can live in hope... 


She bags 21. A fine score for week one. 


Jamelia's up next with a super sparkly and graceful Waltz. I was a fan, but Darcey reckoned she lost concentration. 

"It started off fantastic," says Len. "It started like a dream... it didn't continue like that but the beginning was very encouraging," agrees Bruno. 

Any guesses what score she'll get for that? 


Remember to comment or tweet me with your thoughts. It's great to hear what you've got to say about this year's celebrities! 


The scores are in... 3 from Craig, 5 from Darcey, 5 from Len and a 4 from Bruno. They're not disappointed, says Ola. They are going to come back stronger.


Craig calls his performance "lumpy" and criticises his protruding bottom. "You are inclined to get wild," says Darcey. 

"You've got the ready, you've got the steady but it didn't quite go," says Len adding, "You'll come back stronger because that's what athletes do."

"I wish you'd kept running," says a catty Bruno. 


Iwans dance predictably begins with a little sprinting. He's managed to get quite a lot down in his minimal training time. He's even managing to act a little bit. I'm not convinced the judges are going to be complimentary though... 


Iwan "glitterman" Thomas is up next. He's at a disadvantage this week, having only completed three days of training. He's been all over the world presenting MotoGP and filming all sorts. Strictly has taken a back seat. 


They get a 6 from Craig, a 6 from Darcey, a 7 from Len and a 7 from Bruno. Again it's all about Anton. He can't remember the last time he got 26. 


Katie's dance is energetic and fun. Anton was clearly excited by the prospect of choreographing for someone with real potential, and seriously put Katie through her paces. But she pulled it off... 

"I've never seen anything like that at the Albert Hall," purrs Bruno. "You now have first class material," he adds to Anton. 

"Most sophisicated and stylish Jive we've ever had on the programme," Craig adds. High praise. High praise indeed. 

"Anton, this could be the year you realise Strictly goes right up until Christmas," giggles Len, while Anton beams. 


Anton du Beke and Katie Derham are up next. It's supposed to be all about the celeb, but we all know this pairing is about du Beke and his eternal battle for the Glitterball. The serial loser hasn't stopped grinning since he was paired with her three weeks ago... 


When it comes to the scores, he gets a 4 from Craig, a 5 from Darcey, a 6 from Len and a 5 from Bruno. The bookies don't have faith in him, but who knows? 


Len reckons he had a "touch of the gallops" but that he "captured the flavour of the dance." While Bruno likens him to a rooster chasing a hen. Craig is critical but he can't help smirking a little through it. "The acting I have to say was absolutely brilliant through it," he concludes. 

"I couldn't keep my eyes off your lips," Darcey laughs. Have we uncovered her crush for the season? 


Ainsley has clearly put everything into this Abba inspired Tango. This chap isn't one to do anything by halves. The confidence makes his dance a pleasure to watch, but is the technique right. Let's find out... 


As I mentioned yesterday, I pulled Ainsley out of the hat for our Strictly sweepstake. I'm trying to be objective here, but almost £30 is at stake, so we should obviously all pick up and phones and vote for him as soon as the lines open next week. 


Ainsley Harriott is the next celeb to take to the floor. The former Ready Steady Cook star just can't stop talking his recipes for success. Who reckons he'll be donning a chef's hat in this dance? 


The scores are in. Georgia gets 6,7,7,7. A super start. 


Darcey calls her first dance "impressive" and "brilliant." "Fast and sharp. I really liked it, well done," adds Len. "I can feel the g-force," smiles Bruno. "The chemistry was tangible."

Craig calls it lively and bubbly, concluding that he really enjoyed it. 

Phew. I must be doing something right if I agree with Craig. 


Georgia May Foote is up next. No surprise that she's already brilliant. I'm no expert when it comes to technique but her flirty and fun dance is easy to watch. She's a natural! 


Gosh, I haven't shut up. You lot can't get a word in. Do tell me what you're thinking of tonight's dances in the comments box below. Or tweet me. I'm @Ellie_Wa


He gets a 2 from Craig, a 6 from Darcey, a 6 from Len and a 5 from Bruno. The audience are appalled at the 2. Jeremy's a BBC icon. His bottom wiggles deserve more respect. 


"That dance would qualify for the world dad dancing championships," says Craig, calling Jeremy's botttom wiggles "bizarre."

Darcy says it was "strangely fabulous" and I agree. 

"It was a bit like a vine, out of control and never sure where you were going next," says Len, who credits his enthusiasm: "This underdog's got a bit of bite. Well done."

Meanwhile, Bruno is waving his arms around. He compares Jeremy to a plastic Halloween spider. He's being a bit mean tonight, and I don't approve. 


Jeremy is wiggling his hips with abandon. And clearly loving those purple sequins. The steps are quite slow and Karen does a little bit of dancing around him while he stands still. 

But it's hard not to enjoy it. He really threw himself into it. His enthusiasm is infectious! 


Of course he starts off with a silly skit. Strictly can't help itself. 


Up next? Jeremy Vine. According to the bookies he'll be first out, which I'm sure is hugely encouraging from his perspective. 

Helen George did tell me she'd bet on him if she were allowed though, calling him this year's dark horse, so you never know. Jeremy the Journalist could be a surprise... 


The scores are in. It's a 4 from Craig, a 5 from Darcey, a 6 from Len and a 5 from Bruno. They are disappointed but Brendan is convinced these will be the lowest scores they see. 


"There is always tomorrow," says Bruno, rather meanly. "It lacked a natural continuous flow," adds Craig, criticising her balance. 

Darcey, as ever, was nicer, saying there were some "stunning moments." While Len, like a kindly cockney grandfather, reminded everyone that the celebs are newbies and we shouldn't be that hard on them. Eh, Bruno? 


Kirsty and Brendan have gone for a romantic, atmospheric dance. She looks elegant and confident. But there were a few wobbles... 


Kirsty Gallacher is up next. Strictly fans have high hopes for this one. The Sky Sports presenter is taking on the Waltz. Here’s everything you need to know about the Waltz, if you're interested... Could give it a go in your living room. I won't tell anyone. 


"That was so nice, thank you," says Jay after the judges wrap up, and get their bums back on their seats. He's probably the politest boy in the music industry. 

It's a 5 from Craig, an EIGHT from Darcey, a "SEVEN!" from Len and a 7 from Bruno. 

Jay might be nervous but he's shot straight up to the top end of the leaderboard nevertheless... 


"Jay McGuiness you are like a pint of Guiness," says Len. "Don't you go anywhere. You're Wanted."

"Oh Jay, I'm glad you came," adds Bruno. It's just too easy. 

He's impressed by his technique and so is Craig, who has even cracked out a smile for the occassi...

BREAKING NEWS: Bruno has fallen off his chair for the first time this season. 


Once the obligatory scene setting is out of the way Jay looks pretty good. A few clunky moments - and he looks more than a little terrified - but I think there is definite potential. Let's see what the judges have to say... 


Want to know what the judges will be looking for during this Cha Cha? 


Our first dance of the night is from The Wanted's Jay McGuiness. He looks a little peaky at the prospect. I was in the studio during the launch and he was so nervous the entire audience wanted to get up and give him a hug.

Can he channel that nervous energy into something splendid tonight? Fingers crossed he's not headed for an All Time Low. (It's not the first time I've cracked out that line. Can you tell?) 


The six celebs who showed off their moves last night are looking super relaxed. And rightly so. They get to put their feet up tonight. 


And here are the judges, more walking than dancing onto the floor tonight. And lapping up the cheers from the crowd. Tonight's audience are obviously incredibly excited (the lucky sods...)


Here are Tess and Claud, looking resplendent in monochrome. Claudia's locks are so shiny I need sunglasses. There must be something in the water over at Strictly HQ...


Opening tonight's show with routine by the professionals. They must love these moments to really show off what they can do, especially at the beginning when the celebs are yet to really find their dancing feet.


Last night the judges were impressed by the high standard. And we've still got some predicted front-runners to go. We're expecting great things from Peter Andre, Georgia May Foote and Kirsty Gallacher in particular. 


And we’re off! Feeling very lucky that the glitter Gods have graced our telly screens twice this weekend, but tonight is what it’s all about. Saturday nights just feel right when Strictly’s on. 


Who else is with me? 


Mere minutes to go, fellow Strictly super fans. Just time to quickly recap Friday night's show.

Last night we saw six celebrities dance and tonight we’ll get nine. The celebs we’ve still got to see? Jeremy Vine, Jamelia, Iwan Thomas, Georgia May Foote, Ainsley Harriott, Katie Derham, Peter Andre, Kirsty Gallacher and Jay McGuiness. 

We also had our first glimpse of the leaderboard. As it stands Call the Midwife’s Helen George is top with an incredible 29 points, while BBC Breakfast weather presenter is bringing up the rear with 16.

Obviously this could all change tonight, but even if it doesn't, telly's smiliest presenter shouldn't fret just yet. Every couple is safe until next week, when these scores will be added to week two's and we can start voting to our heart/bill payer's delight... 


Less than an hour to go... Time to don those sparkly slippers and dig out your sequin-covered slanket. 90 minutes of glitter-covered joy are coming your way. 

I'm popping my second mini bottle of proscecco in the fridge. (Thinking this might become a rather expensive Strictly tradition.) 


While we apply our glitter gel and wipe on another layer of fake tan, I've got the official song and dance list here for your perusal.

Do let me know in the comments, or on Twitter, if there are any celebs you are particularly looking forward to seeing strut their stuff. I’m @Ellie_Wa.


We have just over three hours to go until our remaining nine celebs hit the dance floor. I’ll see you back here just before 6:15pm, to hopefully add a little extra sparkle to tonight's proceedings.

This isn’t a one man band though. Do join in by having your say in the comments box – and tweeting me @Ellie_Wa

If you need a reminder of last night's sparkly dresses, impressive scores and weather-based puns look no further. We've got it all covered. 



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