Samantha Atkinson returns to The X Factor after Bootcamp spat last year

The singer from Hull struggled to work with fellow contestant Ryan Ruckledge during Bootcamp 2015 so will be hoping things go smoother this time around


Returning X Factor hopeful Samantha Atkinson had, as she phrases it, an “awkward” time of it at Bootcamp last year, getting into a spat with fellow contestant Ryan Ruckledge in front of the judges.


The X Factor acts had been teamed up for the ‘line challenge’ (in which each singer or group sings part of the song) but came to blows after it was felt Ryan – who has since appeared on Big Brother – wasn’t pulling his weight.

Asked by the judges how they’d got on together, Ryan didn’t pull any punches: “I hated the song, I hated the arrangement, I don’t like anything whatsoever.”

“He stormed off,” Atkinson told the judges of their attempts to rehearse, before Ryan admitted he’d ended up getting “a bit drunk”. It’s safe to say the audition didn’t go that well from there, with the pair trying to harmonise with each other, as well as fit in with the rest of the group.

But, Atkinson – who is a landlady from Hull – says the experience has helped her return: “It’s done me a favour, it’s made me feel stronger to come back now”.

Taking her place in front of the new-look judging panel, Atkinson sings Adele’s When We Were Young.


Will it be another trip to Bootcamp? Find out tonight from 8:00pm on ITV.