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Richard Madden slept in a cottage in the grounds like Mellors during Lady Chatterley shoot

The 29-year-old actor is playing a gamekeeper in BBC1's new adaptation of DH Lawrence's scandalous novel logo
Published: Sunday, 6th September 2015 at 10:25 am

Richard Madden takes on the role of gamekeeper Oliver Mellors in BBC1's lush adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover tonight. The 29-year-old actor, who is best known for playing Robb Stark in hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, got into character by bedding down in a remote cottage during filming.


"I’m staying a 60-second walk from here," he told, when we met him on set in rural Wales. "I’m not a method actor at all but I did quite like the idea of being in a cottage in the grounds of the house, which is what Mellors does."

"I kind of liked the isolation of that. And it’s a lovely cottage!" he added. 

His rural location meant there was little socialising after the director called "cut" for the day – "I learn my lines and go to sleep!" – but the way of life suited the British star.

"I don’t like being at home when I’m shooting – I like being in different places."


Lady Chatterley's Lover is on Sunday 6th September at 9:00pm on BBC1

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