Richard, Luis and Nancy have been weighed, measured and not been found wanting in The Great British Bake off this year.

Judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry have put them through nine weeks of torturously tasty challenges – now just one week remains.

Paul has some typically forbidding advice for the trio ahead of this Wednesday's final episode: "Each one of them brings a different aspect to her baking, but they all have passion in spades. The one that does it in the final wins the Bake Off. It doesn’t matter what happens before; when you go into that final the slate is clear. You are on your own."

We already know what the bakers will be making, but what do Paul and Mary really think about the final three? Find out here.


Mary says: “Richard from the very beginning never stopped smiling. He was surprised all the time by how well he did. Every time you could see him thinking, ‘Oh, I didn’t know I could do that.’ I think he was the one who practiced more than anybody at home.

Paul says: “Richard was Mr Reliable. It was like working a cement mixer for him: whether he is mixing up plaster or cement or dough or pastry, he knows about consistency. That’s why he did so well.


Mary says: “Nancy was an absolute perfectionist. She thought everything through, she was very methodical, and she had great style.”

Paul says: “Nancy is one of the best “home bakers” we’ve ever had. Her standard was always up there, she is Mrs Consistent.”


Mary says: “Luis started off all the time referring back to Spain. Gradually as we got towards the end he broadened his horizons and brought in other cultures.”

Paul says: “For me Luis was borderline professional. He was always the creative one, the innovator who dealt with flavours that no one’s ever dealt with, and took it to another level. His displays were incredible.”