Oona King leaves Dancing on Ice 2013 in most shocking skate-off yet

Drama on the ice as the politician's partner dislocates his shoulder before the pair lose the skate-off to Gareth Thomas

Dancing on Ice turned Drama on Ice tonight as Oona King’s pro-skating partner Mark Hanretty fell and dislocated his shoulder as he skated out to do their ‘save me’ performance.


Olympic champ Christopher Dean was quick to suggest he’d popped his shoulder out, but within minutes Mark was happy to return to the ice and perform with Oona. Valiantly shrugging off the injury, Mark earned more than just the audience’s vote as he continued his skate with a shocked King, while the rest of the cast looked on in horror as he revealed the physio had quickly popped it back in.

“It’s easily done,” Mark said. But being live it was quickly, as Phillip said, “back to the show” and it was Oona who was voted out as Karen Barber, Jason Gardiner and Robin Cousins voted to save Gareth, only Ashley Roberts giving Oona her vote.

Before the drama of the final showdown the competition element had really ramped up this week as the skating couples took to the ice in pairs for ‘Duel Week’. Fighting for immunity from the public vote, the celebs and their skating partners were paired up based on scores from each of their first performances. Dancing to the same track, the couples had to try and ‘out skate’ each other on the ice. The pairs were so well matched that the judges’ votes were unanimous throughout the whole show, putting Oona along with Gareth Thomas, Luke Campbell, Shayne Ward and Joe Pasquale up for the public vote.

Some couples didn’t quite get the idea and spent more time having a love in on the ice rather than actually trying to out do each other. Matt Lapinskas and Gareth Thomas going as far as to describe their own cowboy themed routine as being “Brokeback Mountain”, or as Jason said, “Brokeback on ice” instead of fisticuffs at dawn. With Gareth sporting a leather waistcoat and not much else, it’s a pretty accurate description, it was just missing a tent.

In the battle of the bottom two Joe Pasquale and Keith Chegwin earned themselves comparisons to the Chuckle Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Joe got a Homer Simpson and the duo even got nicknamed “a pair of old squabbling panto dames” from commentator Tony Gubba. Joe, perhaps giving up his fight not to be the joke of the show adding, “I tried to bring a bit of James Brown to the performance, but it came out looking a bit more Gordon Brown.” Yes, Joe it did. Although we’re not sure even Gordon would brave a salmon pink frilly shirt on National telly.

But while the judges may have struggled to see drama in some of the live performances, behind-the-scenes footage revealed it’s been quite a week for the skating celebs. Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon’s time on the ice looked as though it had come to an end after Samia appeared to pop a rib out of place, although their rumoured romance may have gone up a level as Tony let slip Samia had met Sylvain’s family. Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle left a bereft pro-skater Dan Whiston without his bendy-legged partner after she suffered muscle spasms as a result of a Gastroenteritis bug, joking on her return that it was lucky no carrots were brought up on the ice. Nice.

The battling couples led to somewhat of a shift amongst the judges, with Jason complimenting Samia rather than telling her she was swatting flies, and Robin turning on a disgruntled Shayne, who he said was far too “mechanical”. Jayne, who should never be trusted in a game of poker, is sure to disagree being caught on camera cheering for Shayne in rehearsals. When a smouldering Shayne told Anthea it was time to “take it to the ice”, it’s a wonder Jayne didn’t smash through Christopher Dean, don her boots, and shove Anthea out of the way to get there first.

However, Jason stayed true to his apparent dislike of Olympic boxer Luke Campbell asking, “Did you enjoy your performance? Tell your face”. Phew, someone cut that man’s nails before he hurts himself.

Joe continued on his quest to disgust the Nation, moving on from last week’s talk of jock straps up his bum to revealing his boots have been specially enhanced to cater for Barry his oversize bunion. It’s a wonder our Sunday lunch didn’t come back up. Thank goodness for Little Mix who brought a bit of glamour back to the proceedings with their performance in the skate-off show.


Next week bookies’ favourite Matt Lapinskas, Samia Ghadie, Beth Tweddle, Anthea Turner , Keith Chegwin, Luke Campbell, Shayne Ward, Joe Pasqual and Gareth Thomas will skate for survival. Fingers crossed for no more bones out of place, eh?