MasterChef 2018: meet the finalists

Everything you need to know about Kenny, David and Nawamin

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Over the last seven weeks of intense competition the long list of MasterChef contestants has been chopped down to just three.


In tonight’s final, contestants Kenny, David and Nawamin will compete to win the prestigious BBC cooking contest.

But who are this year’s MasterChef final three?

Kenny Tutt

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Who is Kenny?

Kenny, 35, has worked as a bank manager in Worthing, West Sussex, for over 17 years, but has long harboured a passion for cooking.

Growing up he’d spend a lot of time helping his mother in the kitchen and has never lost his passion for food.

The Tottenham Hotspur fan and family man loves sourcing his ingredients from the local area to cook a range of interesting and innovative dishes.

What does he cook?

Kenny’s dishes can be incredibly intricate, to the point where he’s been warned by Gregg and John that he sometimes puts too much on the plate. A case in point was his recent rhubarb and custard dish, consisting of set custard topped with rhubarb jelly, ginger crumb, poached rhubarb, cream custard, rhubarb puree and rhubarb sorbet, garnished with rhubarb sherbet. Giving himself so much to do meant Kenny’s jelly hadn’t quiet set – although the dish was still good enough to see him through to the final!

David Crichton

Programme Name: Masterchef - TX: 09/04/2018 - Episode: The Final Five - Heat 22 (No. The Final Five - Heat 22) - Picture Shows: David - (C) Shine TV Ltd - Photographer: Production

Who is David?

An airline captain from Bramhall in Cheshire, David didn’t start cooking until the age of 18 and only really discovered his culinary passion after meeting his wife ten years ago.

The 41-year-old pilot has traversed the globe thanks to his job and has tried his hand at a wide range of cuisines. He loves to put an experimental twist on British classics and has ambitions to write a book about gourmet cooking with basic ingredients.

What does he cook?

David names Heston Bloomenthal as his favourite chef, and has brought some of the same anarchic experimentation to his dishes on MasterChef – but he made it to the final with a twist on a classic dish. David’s apple crumble mille-fuielle – layers of puff pastry, filled with caramelised apple and cream custard, with a crumble topping and served with clotted cream ice-cream and a caramel sauce – almost reduced John Torode to tears. The judge called it “fabulous, fantastic and faultless”.

Nawamin Pinpathomrat

Programme Name: Masterchef - TX: 09/04/2018 - Episode: The Final Five - Heat 22 (No. The Final Five - Heat 22) - Picture Shows: Nawamin - (C) Shine TV Ltd - Photographer: Production

Who is Nawamin?

Thai-born PhD student Nawamin inherited his love for cooking from his mother, who passed her skills down to her son.

The 28-year-old currently lives in Oxford, where he is a student, and cites his grandmother as his biggest cooking influence as she valued growing her own ingredients over buying from a store.

Nawamin harbours ambitions to open a Thai restaurant, as a means of raising money for those without healthcare in his homeland.

What does he cook?

Nawamin has brought the traditions of Thailand to the MasterChef kitchen, but often adds his own adventurous spin. He booked his place in the final with a pork satay dish that included profiteroles filled with spicy peanut sauce and topped with white chocolate, a unusual combination that both judges agreed worked brilliantly.


Who do you want to win?

The MasterChef final is tonight, Friday 13th April, at 8:30pm on BBC1