Married at First Sight viewers were rewarded by sticking with the Channel 4 blind wedding date show when Michelle revealed that she was going to up sticks from the south coast and head up north to be with her husband, Owen. She said yes!


Married at First Sight appears to have finally delivered a love match in the relationship experiment – and viewers were thrilled.

And she was not alone. Countless fans on social media posted their pleasure at the decision. "So delighted Owen and Michelle stayed together - perfect match #MarriedAtFirstSight - wishing them all the best for a long and happy life."

Even Michelle's highly resistant sister came around to the fact that the primary school teacher and the IT sales manager couldn't be separated by the mere matter of distance.

Michelle and Owen were also a hit when they supported David as Shareen once again questioned his personality and character and why they were matched.

The decision was never going be positive for the other couple in the experiment, David and Shareen. Neither wanted to stay in the marriage but David got the support of many on social media for his sheer persistence in the face of constant criticism from his "wife".

Viewers loved the way the experts tried to make her understand why they had been matched and why she hadn't truly been open to David.

"Howling at Shareen continuing to ask why she was matched with David. The matchmaker breaking it down & telling her she’s absolutely NOT open-minded & this is all her fault because she lied was perfect! #MarriedAtFirstSight".

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Social media was Team David all the way. Another viewer posted: "Shereen , for someone who claims to be a positive person .. has got to be one of the most toxic people I've witnessed! She sat there an bashed and took any digs she could get at David... He's well shot. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS".

Season five of Married at First Sight UK was reduced to two couples from the original four because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

It's not clear when the next series will screen on Channel 4.


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