Marcel and Gabby make it official as Love Island favourites take it to the next level

Marcel told Gabby he loved her in Monday night's episode – can anyone match them?


Barely a month has passed since Love Island began and a group of glossy, randy singletons descended on the Balearics to find the big L – and it looks like our favourite couple, Marcel and Gabby, have already found it.


The former Blazin’ Squad member and scouse fitness instructor officially became boyfriend and girlfriend last week, much to the nation’s delight. And last night, Marcel took it to the next level…

The L word was being banded around a bit in last night’s Love Island though – with Kem and Amber saying it to each other too… but rather unconvincingly.

Meanwhile, Camilla is not feeling the love, having told a very keen Craig that she is not over the “emotional damage” that Jonny caused her.

Basically, everyone’s getting a bit carried away with their feelings. It’s probably the heat. But we don’t mind when it’s Marcel and Gabby because they’re the best two. And that fact is not up for discussion today.

Love Island is on ITV2 at 9pm