Made in Chelsea series 9: meet the new cast members

Emily Weller, Jess Woodley, Millie Wilkinson, Fleur Irving, Josh Patterson and Nicola Hughes have all joined the E4 reality show – but who are they?

Winter is over! Spring has sprung! And Made in Chelsea is back on our screens! Yes, our favourite glossy-maned, impeccably dressed cast are prowling the suburbs of south-west London once again – and they’re joined by six new faces. Among them, a pink-haired graphic designer, an ex-professional rugby star, and the woman brave enough to take on Alex Mytton. 


We sat down for a chat with MIC’s newest members – here’s everything you need to know:

Name: Emily Weller

Age: 25

Twitter: @eweller
Instagram: @emily_weller

Graphic designer Emily works for Chelsea Magazine Company and has known Jamie and Andy since they were little ‘uns. “She just fits in so naturally,” gushes Mr Jordan. “She knows us inside out which is worrying – everything comes out – but it makes it very natural.” Emily’s also familiar with Rosie and Louise from their boarding school days but the friendship seems a little frostier. “I knew her when we were a bit younger but then there was a period when I didn’t see her for ages,” Louise tells us.

This newbie is certainly hard to miss – with her bright pink hair and quirky fashion sense, expect to see her as Jamie’s brand new wingwoman (poor Toff!) as she splits her time between Knightsbridge and the countryside. Oh, and she’s also got sprawling family manors in Ibiza and France. You didn’t expect any less, did you?

Name: Jess Woodley

Age: 20

Twitter: @JessicaWoodley
Instagram: @jessicaannewoodley

Aspiring filmmaker Jess is yet another close pal of Jamie and Alex Mytton’s and loves the single life (so she’ll fit right in, then…) Described as “loose-lipped and flirty” with a penchant for bad boys, Jess has already admitted to a few crushes on some of our favourite Chelsea boys (*cough* Andy) so expect her to be tied up in this series’ dramas.

But she’s not short of an opinion, either, telling us exactly what she made of MIC competitor Taking New York. “I think it’s really sexist. The way that the guys talk about the girls is disgusting and the girls are being so annoying, almost too effeminate. I just think it’s really infuriating how [they] aren’t being strong – at least in Chelsea you get Lucy who is an independent woman.”

Name: Millie Wilkinson

Age: 23

Twitter: @milliewilko
Instagram: @milliewilkinson

There’s a new Millie in town and this one goes back a long way with the Laing family, as well as Jamie’s close buddies Spencer and Alex. “There’s some back history with some of them but I’ve never ‘been’ with any of them,” she tells us, to which Spenny scoffs, “Some would call that a lie.” Stay tuned, folks, we’ve been promised all is explained in future episodes…

A self-proclaimed flirt, she’s no fan of fake girls and is generally found splitting her time between the boiiis and her best pals and fellow MIC newcomers Jess and Fleur. 

Name: Fleur Irving

Age: 23

Instagram: @fleurirving

Binky’s had many best pals over the course of MIC’s eight series – Cheska, Ollie, Lucy, Fran, to name a few – but her latest is Fleur Irving. The pair met on the Chelsea club scene and have been pretty inseparable ever since. Also friendly with fellow newbie Millie (above), Fleur is described as outspoken, fiercely honest and no stranger to a cat fight, so expect a dramatic entrance when she starts rubbing shoulders with the show’s outspoken cast.

Name: Josh Patterson (JP)

Age: 25

Property developer and ex-professional rugby star Josh “call me JP” Patterson claims never to have had a girlfriend, although he does hold out hope that he’ll one day find ‘The One’. A lover of the west London party scene, he went to the same school as Prince Charles and is friendly with Alex and Jamie. Oh, and – brace yourselves – he’s “not Chelsea born and bred.”

A “country bumpkin”, he’s keen to mix things up and bring some peace and quiet to the streets of south-west. “Instead of having a drama every Monday night that’s just arguments and cheating, do you not find that a bit boring?” he muses. “Would it not be quite nice to see Chelsea in a different way?” Ermm…

Name: Nicola Hughes

Twitter: @NicolaMHughes
Instagram: @nicolamhughes

It’s a brave lady who takes on serial cheater Alex Mytton, but Irish model and reality star Nicola has done just that. The pair – who are rumoured to have been dating since July – are seen in amorous displays all over one another’s social media accounts, as well as Chelsea’s party scene. Alex has already claimed he likes her “more than Binky” but can glamorous Nicola hold his wandering eye? She’s certainly set to make a splash in series nine if the new trailer (below) is anything to go by…


A brand new series of Made in Chelsea begins on Monday (13th April) at 9pm on E4