Made in Chelsea first-look teases heated wedding discussion between Ollie and Gareth

The new series of Made in Chelsea, which was filmed during the pandemic, begins tonight.

Made in Chelsea

An exclusive first-look at Made in Chelsea‘s series 20 premiere teases trouble in paradise for Ollie and Gareth Locke, who are seen arguing over whether or not to have a lockdown wedding.


The sneak-peek at tonight’s episode sees Ollie and Gareth, who announced their engagement in 2018, discussing wedding plans over snails and champagne.

“Obviously you want the really big wedding, we still don’t know if we’re going to be able to do that,” Gareth told Ollie. “I’m a bit frustrated that we’ve been engaged for two years now, and I would like to discuss the idea of maybe doing the wedding sooner, and doing something a bit more smaller, quite chic and intimate.”

“I’m ready to be married to you now. I don’t want to wait until next year,” he continued. “I feel like we’re trying to square-peg round holes, trying to pull the big wedding off. It’s so impractical at the moment.”

Ollie wasn’t too pleased with his fiancé’s concerns, replying: “But I really want that big wedding… Also, how on earth do we pick that amongst people, with 20 people, for starters we have our family, then we’ve got a Binky, a Toff, a Liv – all these people who are essential.”

While Ollie said that he wants their wedding to be “spectacular”, Gareth countered by saying: “So do I, but I want it to be realistic.”

An unimpressed Ollie replied: “I would rather wait for it to be spectacular than be realistic. I don’t want a realistic wedding.”

“I want to show that a gay marriage can be absolutely identical to any other marriage, and people are celebrating as much as anything else, that’s what’s important to me and you. So that’s where I lie when it comes to a big wedding.”

The 20th series, which was filmed during lockdown under strict COVID-19 protocols, begins tonight on E4, sees some cast members heading off to the country for a “summer of luxury, laughter and mayhem” despite the pandemic, while others – including now-split couple Sam and Zara – stay in Chelsea.

Production on the series restarted in August, after filming on the last season was cut short in March due to the pandemic.


Made in Chelsea series 20 premieres tonight at 9pm on E4. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.