Name: Daisy Robins


Twitter: @DaisyRobins

Instagram: @daisyrobins

Who is she?

Sloane girl Daisy is a recent graduate who loves to party. She's described as a "fun-loving flirt" who speaks four languages and "does not want a real job to interrupt her glamourous lifestyle".

She is also the granddaughter of D’Arcy Defries, who established women’s polo in 1930s Britain. "Sassy, single and looking for love" with "a penchant for a bad boy" – we can think of plenty of unsuitable bachelors for her on the streets of Chelsea.

Daisy in her own words:

"I graduated in June, with a 4 year integrated masters in International Fashion Management with Chinese and Accountancy at the London College of Fashion, and I'm plodding along nicely doing nothing now... It's a great degree, still haven't got a job... Didn't apply for any. I want to start my own company, a fashion studio and designing, but I haven't yet.

"I knew quite a few people from the show before I started - I went to school with Sam, Liv, Frankie, Louise, and Rosie, Julius is a family friend, Toff and I have been friends for ages... I've already had some dramas with various people since I joined, but we're good now... I'm good with everyone... No wait, I'm not. I'm single. Possibly got my eye on a few people. You'll see.


"My dad loves the fact I've joined the show - it's right up his alley, he's a man for not doing much with his life except going out and partying - but my mum's a serious businesswoman and works very hard. She's not best pleased. She'd like me to start working in the City, I think."
The new series of Made in Chelsea begins on Monday 20th March at 9pm on E4

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