Made in Chelsea: LA – deconstructing the relationship drama of week two

Steph and Josh have come to a shocking end, Jamie's already cheated on Naz and what on earth is going on with Binky's JP jealousy?

Here’s the crucial relationship drama from episode two of MIC:LA, dissected and gawped at for your pleasure…


Steph and Josh

The drama: Well, Josh has broken Steph’s heart. It’s bad enough that she didn’t see it coming, but even worse is his pretty lame excuse.

Josh keeps insisting it’s because he needs to find a job. Steph suggested he should simply spend less time with her and do some job hunting. Like, on Google? But it turns out Josh can’t deal with both a girlfriend and employment. Everyone’s shocked, and for once, none of the boys cheer and say “YESSSS YOU’RE SINGLE AGAIN, BOYS NIGHT OUT!”. We agree with Lucy on this one: “He’s probably seen a little bit of LA with his friends, got a little bit of attention and now thinks he’s the f***ing king.”

As Josh and Steph have the mandatory MIC dramatic-chat-by-a-body-of-water, Steph asks him to show her some respect by just admitting that he’s broken up with her because he wants to be single. But nope, he won’t admit it at all. “You’re going to regret what you’ve done,” she tells him, making him look pretty silly in his total silence. What on earth is going on!? 

What’s going to happen?

We predict that Steph will have lots of girls nights out while Josh spends time preparing for interviews/hitting on new girls in LA clubs. And of course, there’ll be some stern words from Lucy when she tracks Josh down…

Binky and JP… and Olivia

The drama: JP has told Binky he doesn’t think “it’s the right time” for them to be seeing each other right now. His heart says yes, but his head is telling him No No No. And that’s all because Binky got drunk and screamed at a girl he was speaking to. Basically he’s a bit freaked out by her intensity. The problem is that Binky clearly does like him, and is sad about his decision. “There was vodka involved, ” she tells Gabriella (yep, get ready for more singing), “and then I saw these girls…I just hope I haven’t completely f***ed it.”

All the while, JP’s got his eye on Mark Francis’ new model friend Olivia. She suggests they go to a waterfall (she likes to be “connected to the earth”) and JP looks pretty chuffed. 

What’s going to happen? Judging by the trailer for next week’s episode, he keeps confusing Binky. They spend episode three’s Vegas trip flirting and Binky says, “JP’s been giving me these signals that he really likes me, I know he likes me but he’s too scared to say it.”  Then again, we doubt Olivia’s going anywhere. Watch this space…

Jamie and Naz

The drama: Jamie has not stopped going on about how “sweet” Naz is, yet there seems to be a little confusion about just how “exclusive” they are. He told Naz not to see other guys yet from the brief glimpse of episode three, it looks like Jamie is already playing away from home. “Why is everyone acting fishy?” asks Naz, looking very angry indeed. “Yes, I hooked up with a chick” a red-faced, anxious Jamie eventually admits.  

What’s going to happen?

Naz could stick around with the Chelsea gang, or she might scarper before Jamie can charm her back into his arms…

But for all those who believe that structured reality love can’t work, just look to Alik and Louise. In next week’s episode, Alik arrives in LA and says a lot of extremely nice things to Louise while sipping champagne in a swimming pool. Ahhhh.


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