Love Island’s bizarre Brexit discussion has to be seen to be believed

Remember that time the UK pied off the European Union? One Islander really struggled...

Love Island Brexit

Brexit is one of those topics you just can’t get away from – even on a seemingly isolated little island on ITV2.


The Love Islanders took a break from grafting and cracking on to have a somewhat more serious discussion about the UK’s decision to pie off the European Union.

While some were well versed in the intricacies of the conscious political uncoupling, others (namely Hayley) seemed to struggle with the concept a little.

“So does that mean we won’t have any trees?” Hayley asked, seemingly confused by talks of trade deals being “cut down”.

“That’s got nothing to do with it, babe. That’s weather,” Georgia reassured her, before opening up a discussion about the fact that it might make it a little more difficult to travel within European Union member states.

“So it would be harder to go on holidays?” a shocked Hayley asked. “Oh, I love my holidays.”

And we’re sure she loves the villa in Mallorca too.

Which actually poses an interesting question for Prime Minister Theresa May – what will Brexit mean for Love Island?


Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm