Love Island 2020 is just around the corner.

This Sunday, 12 singletons will enter the South African villa for a chance at finding love.

Contestants will couple up with each other by either stepping forward or being matched by default.

However, one islander who won’t be pleased if she doesn’t bag her dream man is Leanne Amaning, a 22-year-old sales advisor from London.

Speaking to, Leanne revealed she can be hard work if she doesn’t get what she wants.

“I don't like not getting what I want, so we'll see how it goes,” she said.

And when things don’t go her way, Leanne added that she can be a “nightmare” which can lead to a meltdown.

She said: “I'm a mess. I'm a nightmare. There's just no, what's the word, comfort in me. I just have to let it out. I'll start crying or ranting for half an hour then I’ll be myself again.”

It seems Leanne’s quest to get her own way has led to her telling white lies in the past, as she explained: “They’re not huge lies, just little lies that just make my life easier.”

So, has she ever lied to a guy?

“I do, but I always come clean,” she smiled.

“I’ll say something like, ‘I used to play football semi-professionally’. I do make things up if they're boring. Then I'll be like, ‘I was just joking'.”

Leanne is hoping the right guy will see the funny side to her “strong banter”, as it hasn’t always gone down well in the past.

“I’ll make a joke and then a boy will be like, “Really? You’re so rude', and I'm like, ‘I didn't even mean, it was a joke! Guys, everyone I'm joking!'” she revealed.

“I feel like my banter can be quite strong, so people might easily be offended. Especially if I don't know you, I don't know your limits.”

Amber Gill, Love Island (©ITV)
Leanne considers herself similar to last year's winner, Amber Gill (ITV)

Comparing herself to last year’s winner Amber Rose Gill, she added: “For example, Amber from last year [was very straight forward] I would be exactly the same, but someone could be offended by that. So, I can't have anyone sensitive because I will offend you.”

Leanne won’t be mincing her words in the villa, but she is worried about how the public might perceive her.

She continued: “I am nervous just because I do talk a lot of rubbish, and a lot of the time it's a joke or I’m being sarcastic, but it might not come across that way. Sometimes people don’t get it, which means they just won’t like me.”

Love Island launches Sunday 12th January at 9pm and continues weeknights and Sundays on ITV2