Love Island is getting complaints from viewers – but not for the reason you think

Rather than the hot and heavy content, the islanders' smoking habits are the biggest audience grievance


It may be a hit with up to two million viewers a night, but not all of Love Island’s audience are happy with the contestants’ sunny shenanigans. 46 people so far have complained to Ofcom about the ITV2 reality series, with the majority of those criticising the show’s portrayal of cigarette use.


Yes, rather than some of the islander’s *ahem* steamy behaviour, their smoking habits are top of viewers’ concerns with 24 complaints made against the endless footage of contestants puffing away.

Indeed, the smoke-filled screens have become a talking point of Twitter…

So, what about the other complaints? Viewers also raised issue with the use of bad language and the objection of violence when a contestant threw a cushion “aggressively”.

And despite airing after the 9pm, 15 of the complaints took issue with the promotion of “sexual material and promiscuity” on the show.  We can expect that number to rise as certain couples get closer *cough cough Kem and Amber cough cough cough cough* – jeeze, sorry about that, must have been all the smoke.

Love Island continues 9pm tonight, ITV2