Love Island’s Leanne admits she wants to get to know the new boys in first look

Two boys, both called Luke, are seen entering the villa

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Yesterday’s episode of Love Island ended with the bombshell that two new boys were set to enter the villa, and now ITV have offered a first look clip as the islanders wait for their first glimpse of the newcomers.


The two boys – Luke M and Luke T – are seen entering the villa as the girls discuss what they hope to see, with Siannise saying that she wanted to see someone “with a bit of swag”.

Meanwhile Leanne is heard saying: “I think we’re all open to getting to know them. Some of us are in a couple, some of us aren’t, but we’re all open to getting to know them.”

Does this spell danger for Leanne’s relationship with Mike – who had made clear that he was experiencing some doubts during yesterday’s episode?

The first look clip also showed Siannise sharing a follow up conversation with Connagh following their rather awkward exchange yesterday – with Connagh informing her that he had shared a kiss with Rebecca, much to Sianisse’s dismay.

Speaking in the confessional, she says, “If you’re going to keep doing this with me, I don’t want to bother with you anyway, so your loss hun.”

We also see the boys taking on tonight’s challenge – “Lads Vegas” which seems to involve some dancing, some very tight budgie smugglers and a giant roulette machine.



Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2