Love Island’s Demi in tears as Shaughna confesses her feelings to Luke M

There’s a new love triangle in the villa...

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It’s all about to kick off on tonight’s Love Island, with Shaughna set to tell Luke Mabbott how she really feels about him.


ITV have delivered a first look at the upcoming episode, and there’s tears.

In the clip, Shaughna pulls Demi Jones – who is currently getting to know Luke – and reveals that she likes the 24-year-old.

Trying to get her words out, she says: “So this is a very uncomfortable conversation for me.” Demi then asks: “Is it bad?” at which point Shaughna finally spits it out and replies: “I feel like I wanna have a chat with Luke.”

Shocked by the news, Demi says: “I always thought that you and Luke M was a brother and sister situation.”

But Shaughna insists: “The same with you; I never explored it.”

The conversation seems to end well between the ladies, but over in the Beach Hut it’s a completely different story as Demi’s seen crying.

As she wipes away tears, she tells the camera: “I’ve just got to hope that Luke does like me or is attracted to me and if Shaughna tells him this information, he won’t shut it down or like come closer to me and it will solidify our connection.”

And it doesn’t get any better when Shaughna approaches Luke later that day.

In the teaser clip, Luke can be seen talking to his old flame Natalia when Shaughna goes over and asks if she can speak to him. He immediately gets up and goes with her, as the other islanders watch on.

Love island's Shaughna and Luke (©ITV)
Love island’s Shaughna and Luke (©ITV)

Demi – who is sitting on a day bed not too far away – then tells Siannise Fudge: “I had a feeling this was happening. Shaughna grabbed me for a chat and said that she likes Luke M.”

But Siannise cannot believe it, saying: “Let me get this straight a minute, since when did Shaughna like Luke M.”

As Luke and Shaughna sit down for a chat somewhere quiet, a giggly Shaughna confesses: “I think I like you,” causing Luke to laugh.

“I didn’t expect it,” Luke explains, before asking: ‘Have you kind of caught feelings?”

Smiling, Shaughna then nods.

And it seems her comments might have spun Luke’s head, as he later tells the camera: “My head is absolutely scrambled at the minute.”

Who will Luke M choose?


Love Island airs on ITV2 at 9pm weeknights and Sunday