Love Island: Australia has first clash as Erin and Mille row over Eden

Erin isn't convinced about Millie's "Girl Code!"

Love Island: Australia

Love Island: Australia is about to heat up on ITV, as Millie and Erin clash on tonight’s episode.


It all kicks off between the girls after a game of spin the bottle, in which Millie lock lips with Erin’s man Eden.

Obvs Erin isn’t pleased about another girl planting it on her beau, and in a clip from the Love Island: Australia repeated episode she makes it pretty clear.

In the video, Millie asks Erin how she felt about the other girls kissing Eden in the game.

“I don’t like him kissing you obviously. I was fine with him kissing Tayla, because she did the whole girl-code thing and looked back for my permission kind-of,” Erin says.

Confused at Erin’s response, Millie tries to defend herself as she insists she’s not interested in Eden in that way.

But Erin isn’t having it, and responds: “Yeah but I don’t think you get girl-code, that’s all.”

Love Island: Australia
Love Island’s Erin and Millie

“I do get girl-code. I never go near any of my friends…” Millie then says, but before she can finish what she is saying, Erin gets up to leave.

“I don’t really want to have this conversation with you right now,” she explains while walking way.

Millie wants answers though, so follows Erin upstairs to continue the chat.

“I don’t understand why you think I’m not understanding of girl-code,” she asks.

Love Island: Australia

It’s at this point when Erin fires back: “It’s not about girl-code babe. We are just not going to get along. You’re just not my cup of tea. You’re not very nice to every other girl. I just don’t like the way you act as well; it’s just not respectable.”


Will the girls be able to put their differences aside or could this be the first feud of the season?


Love Island: Australia is on at 9pm on ITV2. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.