Louie Spence and Jodie Kidd leap their way out of The Jump

Dancer Louie Spence and model Jodie Kidd are latest to leave the winter sports-themed reality show after a brutal night of events

Louie Spence and Jodie Kidd are out of The Jump and there’s an important matter on the former’s mind: will he get to keep his pink lycra? 


With the vital issues out of the way – host Davina McCall says she’ll get onto costume to sort something out – we can get back to the jam-packed night of events that saw the latest two celebs out of the competition. 

Tonight it was the launch of the brand new live Snow Cross event 6,500ft above sea level, a challenge with one rule: there are no rules. 

The celebs, decked out with a whole heap of padding and a pair of specially designed snow boots, had to skate their way down an icy course, using every dirty trick in the book to beat their two opponents. Push, shove, trip, tackle… the game was very much on. 

But there were some surprises. A growling olympian Louise Hazel tripped on the final corner and lost out to Stacey Solomon and Chloe Madeley. Jodie Kidd launched her way off of the starting line only to fall backwards and be beaten by the very delicate skating of Lady Victoria Hervey and a whizzing Louise Thompson of Made In Chelsea fame. JLS’s JB had the lead only to stumble across the line last. Joey Essex put his childhood experience of trainers with wheels in the heels to good use to send Louie Spence to the back of the back, box splitting his way into last place, beaten this time by rugby pro Mike Tindall. 

There was a brand new eliminator tonight too with Louie, JB, Jodie Kidd and Louise Hazel tackling the Air Jump. It saw each competitor zip down yet another slippery course to a ramp, which flung them up into the air with the aim of the game to get your skis the highest off of the ground. There was a nice air bag to land on. The show might be vicious but it gave them a soft landing at least. 

Louie managed a “pop” of 6.44 meters, but was outdone by JB with a height of 6.48m. “Four inches makes a difference,” Louie teased. 

The ladies weren’t quite so close with Louise seeing off Jodie’s jump 6.83m to 6.7m. 


The Jump continues tomorrow night at 8:00pm on Channel 4