Grieving Great British Bake Off fans have found a more than adequate replacement in Channel 4's Lego Masters.


The show pits eight teams of all ages against one another in a set of lego-based challenges in a bid to find Britain and Ireland's most talented amateur builders.

The reality show's second series kicked off on Tuesday night in the Bake Off slot at 8pm, and viewers were delighted to have it back.

In the first episode host Rob Beckett introduced the eight teams – made up of brotherly duos, fathers and sons, and newfound building buddies – to their Lego wonderland, replete with over a million bricks for their building pleasure.

"Didn't think I would find anything to replace GBBO, but hello Lego Masters," @AnneDooleyKeen1 tweeted.

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@Robsmedley86 agreed. "I do love Lego Masters, and can I just say, as a cynical adult, synergy-wise, airing the second season in the run up to Christmas is an act of diabolical genius," he wrote.

Lego Masters even inspired others to do some building of their own.

"My kids watched ten minutes of Lego Masters, and now they're upstairs building with Lego and laughing," @Boxcollider wrote. "Ace".

Some viewers, however, had more sinister reasons for tuning in...

"Lego masters is great telly," Mike Gee wrote, "really brings out the evil bastard in me though because I love it when they collapse."

It's all a bit of well-intentioned fun, and it may go some way to easing the post-Bake Off comedown.


Lego Masters continues on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4