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Lauren Murray out of X Factor, Reggie N Bollie, Ché and Louisa in 2015 final

Bucket loads of tears at X Factor as Rita Ora loses Lauren Murray from the competition and this year's finalists are decided

Published: Sunday, 6th December 2015 at 8:00 pm

Lauren Murray has been voted out of The X Factor after losing the semi-final sing-off to Ché Chesterman. 


Ché now joins Reggie N Bollie and Louisa Johnson in next week's 2015 final, a line-up you'd have been hard pushed to call at the beginning of this year's live shows. 

It was a night filled with tears, Lauren struggling to get through her sing-off performance of Rachel Platten's Fight Song. Mentor Rita Ora hopped up on stage to comfort her as Ché belted out Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water. 

The judges struggled to come to a decision when it came to sending one act home. 

Grimshaw and Ora naturally backed their own acts, both insisting they didn't want to send anyone home. 

"Obviously I'm Ché’s mentor so I have to save Ché. But I never wanted to send you home Lauren," Grimshaw explained. "When you make a record I’d love to play it [on Radio 1] and have you on the show. You know the gig… you know I love you, but Ché’s my man."

Cheryl described both singers as "phenomenal" but said it was "heartbreaking" to see Lauren so emotional. Suggesting it was going to get "tougher" from this point forward, Cheryl said she wanted to send Lauren home. I bargain Lauren was just as upset about being up against Ché as she was about being in the bottom two, the pair firm friends backstage, both backing each other for the win throughout. 

But Simon Cowell wouldn't be drawn on a decision, snapping at co-host Olly Murs that he was "still thinking" when pushed for a decision. Eventually the boss sent the vote back to the public via the Deadlock vote and it was time up for Lauren. 

Ms Murray got a standing ovation from the judges as she thanked everyone who had voted for her.

Then it was over to the three finalists, who were whipped outside to see their very own tour buses, which they'll use to travel around and drum up support ahead of next week's final. Thankfully, there were guys there actually printing the right names on the bus, rather than a Lauren Murray one having to quickly slink out of sight... 

The result is sure to have divided viewers - Reggie N Bollie very much the 'marmite' act of this year's series. What do you think? Let us know below...


The X Factor final takes place next Saturday and Sunday on ITV


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