Katie Hopkins would love to do Strictly: “Me and the BBC? It’d be hilarious”

“I feel I may suffer the ‘Jamelia fate’ and be in the dance-off every sodding week until someone finally got rid of me”

Katie Hopkins has revealed she quite fancies a go on Strictly Come Dancing, although is under no illusion as to how that might go down with the public (and indeed the BBC).


“Oh my Christ, can you imagine me and the BBC? I don’t think so. I’d love to. It’d be hilarious – I’d be shocking. I feel I may suffer the ‘Jamelia fate’ and be in the dance-off every sodding week until someone finally got rid of me,” Hopkins told RadioTimes.com.

“Or like Vanessa Feltz, who I adore. Her brain-to-mouth feed is quite something. Her intellectual capacity is huge, but I think she was out after week one as well because people sort of hate her. So I fear I would be out after week one.”

Vanessa, we should add, went out in week two of the 2013 series.

“I quite like Strictly because it’s got a good element of bitchiness about it,” Hopkins added, saying she’s enjoying the fuss surrounding Jamelia’s claims the show is fixed following her elimination. The Loose Women presenter ruffled some feathers after suggesting the reaction to Peter Andre’s dance-off performance was recorded for a second time to includ a standing ovation. 

“I quite like the frustration of Jamelia somehow thinking she was picked on, even though she was utterly sh** and she was in the bottom two every week because everyone hated her. Suck it up sweetheart.”

“The general public are outraged by the notion that they could have been somewhat tricked by camera work,” Hopkins added. “I think that’s brilliant. I don’t know why people have such a problem if the show is a little bit of a fabrication. Surely that’s escapism at its finest?”

Of course, an interesting reason to get Hopkins on Strictly would be to see her go toe-to-toe with resident nasty judge Craig Revel Horwood.

“I think that would be really fun,” she admitted.

Hopkins would like to see the format mixed up a bit, though.

“I think more male costumes on women would be good. A bit more tuxedo dancing would be a good laugh. Maybe that’s the future of Strictly, a bit more transgender stuff, LGBT stuff.”

As for which professional partner she’d like to team up with, Hopkins said:

“Who has the best laugh? Whoever works the hardest and is the best laugh is probably the key. Dancing with some of the women would be hilarious. If they did put two women together there’d be a massive bitch-off, which would be brilliant.”


Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday at 7:00pm on BBC1