John Prescott to star in OAP documentary on Channel 4 called Bus Pass Bandits

He’s gone from Two Jags to One Bus


Back in the day, John Prescott was accustomed to being driven around in a Jaguar or two. Now he’s having to rough it with the rest of us on the bus. 


The former Deputy Prime Minister will be starring alongside Johnny Ball, Eve Pollard, Amanda Barrie and Henry Blofeld in a brand new Channel 4 documentary called Bus Pass Bandits which will look at what it means to be an OAP in Britain today.

The bunch of celebrities (labelled amongst “the UK’s most amazing pensioners” in a C4 press release. Hmm?) will be explaining what being over 65-years-old in 2017 looks like. Or, in John’s case, what it’s like being a 78-year-old.

Instead of putting their feet up, plenty of pensioners are now starting a new career, growing old disgracefully or travelling around the world.

The show follows in the footsteps of BBC’s successful Real Marigold Hotel format that saw a number of famous pensioners visit India (and subsequently Japan and the USA) to see how people in other countries deal with retirement. 


Channel 4’s Head of Formats Dom Bird, who commissioned the series, said: “Never has there been a better era in which to grow old disgracefully. In Bus Pass Bandits, our Celebrity cast will discover that for many, life truly does begin at 70…or 80…or even 90.”