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Joey Essex: If I could follow myself on Twitter, I would

The former TOWIE star talks fame, Africa and being good TV-wise…

Published: Sunday, 16th March 2014 at 6:51 am

What was it like, suddenly becoming famous overnight?


I’ve gotten used to being famous now but when I was 18, 19, it was easy. I love watching myself back on The Only Way Is Essex. If I could follow myself on Twitter, I would.

What made you one of the stand-out stars of TOWIE?

I wear my heart on my sleeve. People said they never really knew what I meant but I’m quite an honest person. I tell people straight up what I think of them and do what I think is right. And on TV, I come across as quite charming I suppose.

Aside from yourself, what else do you watch on TV?

I like watching American things. I’ve seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians and if Kendall Jenner asked me to turn up for a bit, I wouldn’t say no.

What makes US shows better?

They’re very deep.

What’s the single thing you’re the best at?

Being myself, especially workwise and TV-wise. That’s what I’m definitely the best at.

Where do you think you’ll be in ten years’ time?

Hopefully a jet in New York, just chilling but I don’t know where I’ll be.

Who would play you if someone made a film of your life?

Leonardo DiCaprio. Or Zac Efron.

Is there anyone’s career you’re jealous of?

I’m not really jealous of anyone’s career. I’d love to have Rihanna and Justin Bieber’s money.

Has anyone ever left you starstruck?

Not really, no. I’ve never met anyone that famous. Actually, when I met Phillip Schofield I was starstruck. I used to watch him as a child. He’s really cool.

What makes you turn off the TV?

Something gross, or something quite intense, like with body parts.

So how did you feel being on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!?

I loved it, actually. I think it was one of the best moves I ever made.

What’s the last thing you learnt from the telly?

Don’t lie. I’ve actually always known that but I was watching TOWIE and there’s a lot of lying going on that show. I never lied on the show and I want everyone to know that.

Do you still watch TOWIE, despite having left last year?

Obviously, I’m doing my own thing now but it’s still a brilliant show. I’m happy where I am. About coming back to the show, never say never. I watched it, and seeing myself not in it any more was kind of weird.

Will Educating Joey Essex be as popular?

I hope so! I didn’t realise how funny I was until I actually watched myself back. I realised I’m quite ridiculous person. I go to Africa, and I’m thrown into all sorts of situations. I meet native people and gorillas in their natural habitat. They’re just like us. It’s quite crazy. The things that happen, I always think, ‘Why did they happen to me?’ I got bitten by a monkey straightaway.

Have you been to Africa before?

Ages ago, yes. But this time it was just mad. It’s a mad country.

Quickfire Q&A

The Voice UK or Britain’s Got Talent? The Voice

Michael McInture or Frankie Boyle? I don’t know who either of them are.

EastEnders or Corrie? EastEnders

Jeremy Kyle or Jeremy Clarkson? Jeremy Kyle. I’ve met him and he’s a really nice fellow.

Educating Joey Essex is on Sunday, 9.00pm ITV2



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