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Olympic champion James Cracknell shows his mettle on ITV’s Don’t Rock the Boat

The Olympic legend made all the difference to the Blue Crew in the ITV celebrity contest.


Don’t Rock the Boat featured a special treat for the two crews on Thursday, when Olympic rowing gold medallist James Cracknell was revealed as the “prize” for the crew which won the land challenge. But many fans had already worked out he was rowing with the Blue Crew because it was revealed in the opening montage.


There might have been a cliff-hanger in the high-rise challenge, but there certainly wasn’t in the big reveal.

The tease was spotted by many viewers: “Someone tell Freddie Flintoff they revealed the winning team in the opening montage with James Cracknell in blue… poor editing, expect better from @itv #drtb”.

When Cracknell turned up dressed in blue it was no surprise to viewers, although Denise Lewis and Kimberley Walsh were delighted to learn they’d won the land challenge for their team.

Cracknell immediately set about cracking the whip on the Blue boat, to the irritation of the chirpy Love Island winner, Jack Fincham.

“Who took the jam out of his jam doughnut?” Jack complained to camera, well out of Captain Cracknell’s earshot.

For many viewers and for Red Crew member Adam Thomas, James and his tight trousers caught the eye.

One viewer quipped: “Don’t they have any trousers in an adult size James? #DRTB”.

Some Don’t Rock the Boat viewers pointed out that even with the two-time Olympic champion in their boat, the Blue Crew were still more than three hours behind the Reds. Could they really catch up, with time and nautical miles running out?

After seven hours straight rowing, Cracknell the machine took a break. The Blue crew finally reached their destination after a mammoth 17 hours on the water and the man who has rowed across the Atlantic said it was the most difficult thing he’d done for as long as he could remember.

“My goose is done,” he said, exhausted.

Cracknell managed to help the Blue Crew regain two hours on the Reds. Can they make up the extra hour and beat them on the last leg?

The finale of Don’t Rock the Boat screens on ITV on Friday 6th November.


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