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Intruders break into Celebrity Big Brother garden live on air

“Big Brother, there are people in the house"

Celebrity Big Brother
Published: Sunday, 28th January 2018 at 9:11 am

Celebrity Big Brother housemates were visibly shaken after intruders broke into the garden during Friday night's live show.


Jess Impiazzi spotted the trespassers as Daniel O'Reilly – AKA Dapper Laughs – was about to be evicted.

"Oh my god someone is trying to get in," said Ashley James. "Oh my god, help me, I'm scared," said Jess.

“Big Brother, there are people in the house," warned Wayne Sleep. "There is someone in the garden.”

The shutters then came down over the house's doors and windows.

“People watching may have seen someone get into the garden," said host Emma Willis. "Everyone is fine. They didn’t get into the house. Everything is under control.”

Channel 5 told in a statement, "Two intruders attempted to enter the Big Brother house on Friday night. They were apprehended by security in the garden. Police were in attendance and removed them from site. Big Brother has reassured the housemates and all is calm in the house."


O'Reilly left the house in a triple eviction that also included Apprentice star Andrew Brady and Love Island's Johnny Mitchell.


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