I’m A Celebrity: Kendra’s Bushtucker Trial – the Twitter reaction

Kendra earns two stars for camp and viewers have a few things to say. But Jake Quickenden has a pretty good idea how to turn things around for her...

Former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson faced her third Bushtucker Trial tonight and she sure wasn’t happy about it. Yesterday she earned just one star during her second horrid task, so the pressure was on to earn some food for camp. But three times seemed to be too much for the camper and she didn’t look too keen to head back to the Bushtucker Trial clearing. Oh, and she was on her period. If you didn’t hear her mention that…


The trial was Catacomb of Doom and even Ant and Dec couldn’t encourage Kendra to get on with it. “Kendra, you’re three quarters of the way through your time and you’ve only made it down the stairs,” Dec said, as she failed to pluck up the courage to reach into the critter-filled holes and start pulling out those stars.

Viewers at home weren’t too impressed either…

Capital letters always means shock

Is it just a game for the cameras?


Yep, Ant and Dec weren’t hiding their surprise

Will it be another trial for Kendra?

Ah, but then good ol’ Jake had a great idea. Sign Kendra up for the CIA – the secret team of campmates who are being set missions, which they have to keep hidden from the other celebs. The good news? It means she won’t be able to do the next trial as she’ll be immune. Like what you did their Jake. And we’re sure the other campers will be happy too as someone else will be given a chance to feed them.


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tomorrow night on ITV