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I'm a Celebrity day 7 review: Iain Lee breaks down in tears after abandoning Bushtucker Trial

Oh, and Stanley Johnson delivered an unbelievably weird ode to Amir Khan

Iain Lee on I'm a Celebrity 2017
Published: Sunday, 10th December 2017 at 9:21 pm

Tears, trials and a tank full of yabbies. Yep, it was just another day in camp for the I'm a Celebrity lot.


Iain Lee had to be given oxygen after a dramatic underwater rescue during his Bushtucker Trial and it looked like the bromance between Stanley Johnson and Amir Khan could definitely be hotting up. Well, when Stanley actually figures out what a bromance is, anyway...

Here's what happened on Saturday night's I'm a Celeb.

Iain Lee broke down in tears after the Temple of Gloom

That's Gloom, Amir. GLOOM. The Olympic boxer had thought that Iain was heading to the Temple of Glue, which we can only think must be an alternative name for Hobbycraft.

But sadly there was no papier-mâché or pipe cleaners, and instead Iain faced crabs and crocodiles in consecutive underwater chambers.

On his way to the Bushtucker Trial, Iain had sounded so confident, too. One minute he was shouting "I'm going to win!" and "I'm going to come back with 11 stars!" but then just moments later, he had swapped the pithy motivational self-help phrases for gasps of air and panicked exclamations of "I can't breathe!".

Armed with only a tank top and a pair of goggles, Iain gamely stepped down into the pool and made his way underwater to swim into the first tank...before returning to the pool's steps just moments later after not having made it on his first attempt. It was an omen for what was to come.

Because when Iain finally did make it to the first air pocket, he almost immediately began panicking. He became frozen by fear and started breathing rapidly - so much so that fresh oxygen had to be pumped into the tiny perspex box. The noise of which ironically just seemed to make him panic more.

Several failed attempts to move through the chambers and air running low, Iain said "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" and he was rescued and taken out of the pool to be greeted by the calming, reassuring presence of Medic Bob who dashed in like the baseball-cap wearing, oxygen tank-carrying superhero that he is.

Medic Bob was lovely. He checked Iain's pulse, he insisted that he put an oxygen mask on and talked him through taking some deep breaths. It was all very dramatic.

Iain's take on the whole debacle? "I ballsed it up." While Ant very earnestly said "You can't have a go at someone that's struggling to breathe". Never a truer word was spoken.

Going back into camp and breaking the news that he hadn't managed to get any stars, the emotion was palpable and Iain couldn't help but break down in tears.

Amir Khan caused controversy

Although we've seen Amir scream at everything - from spiders to pigeons and even a camel called Donald nudging him on the bum - he seemed to express a rather baffling attitude towards men showing their emotions.

Amir Khan I'm a Celebrity 2017 profile
Amir Khan I'm a Celebrity 2017 profile (ITV Studios)
The Olympic boxer revealed that he hadn’t cried since he was 13-years-old, and that he believed it showed “weakness” if men shed tears. "I don’t like seeing men cry,” Amir told the camp. “For a man to cry it must be that he’s had enough. Men are not meant to cry."

But thank goodness for Toff and Jamie who shot down his nonsense by saying that it was “important” for men to show their feelings – while Jamie added: "So many men suffer with depression and mental illness and don’t say anything. And that’s the problem.”

Bravo. Suffice to say, Amir's comments didn't exactly go down well with viewers...

The bromance for Stanley and Amir continued to brew

Unlikely is one word for it. "Me and Stanley are doing everything together," said Amir, who said that the pair made each other laugh and that they "connect quite well". Rebekah even went so far as to describe the pair as an "old married couple."

And let's face it, you only really write an ode to someone if there's a deep connection and - bizarrely - that's exactly what Stanley did. Well, he sort of did a weird first person tribute to Amir from the point of view of Amir. It was as weird as it sounds.

"My name is Amir Khan," said Stanley (bear with us). "I was once world welterweight champ. I grew up in Bolton but now I'm in a camp somewhere in eastern Australia.

"I'm teaching my flatmates to box. Failure is not an option. Boom boom boom. Boom boom boom."

Nope, we have absolutely no idea what the hell any of that was either. But so desperate are the celebs for entertainment that that got a round of applause from everyone. Brilliant.

When it was suggested that they were in the throws of a bromance, Stanley exclaimed: "A bromance! Hahaha...what's a bromance?"

Who's doing the next Bushtucker Trial?

Yep, it's another double-header of a trial with not one but two celebs taking on The Hole. Viewers voted for Rebekah Vardy and Jamie Lomas to take on some rat-infested underground chambers tomorrow. Lovely stuff.


I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! continues tomorrow on ITV.


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