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I'm a Celebrity Day 17: the Wicked Windmill, Martin and Larry's fishing holiday, Scone-gate and a fond farewell to Carol

And the campers also revealed their dream dinner party guests...

Published: Thursday, 1st December 2016 at 8:53 am

Stick your fingers in your ears and grab your noses, it's Bushtucker time!


Was this the toughest Bushtucker Trial so far?

Joel and Sam swear today's Wicked Windmill task was the worst ever – and they've downed pint after pint at the Bush Brewery, so they know what they're talking about...

The pair found themselves strapped in to sweaty perspex boxes at opposite ends of a giant windmill, with a huge torrent of stinky creepy crawlies and associated gunk falling into their faces with each revolution. Holding your nose and sticking your fingers in your ears seemed like a good strategy – until you had to use your hands to feel around for a correctly numbered star. Oh, and all while answering Australian-themed trivia questions.

No wonder they netted their lowest haul of stars yet – just 3 out of 8. At least they now know the name of the Aussie Prime Minister, when Kylie released Spinning Around and how fast a cockroach can run. Although, thinking about it, they've already had plenty of hands-on experience of that last one.

Martin and Larry went on holiday together – separately

Martin and Larry were like an old married on holiday as they took on the Dingo Dollars challenge – Larry went fishing while Martin (mostly) stayed on dry land to do his puzzles.

I won't go into the full details of this convoluted task, which involved Venn diagrams, colour-coding and the deciphering of anagrams, but suffice it to say they had to hook fake fish and use the letters on them to spell out a word.

Martin could only get so far on that last part – his best attempt at the key word was "waciflume" – so Larry finally hung up his fishing rod to help.

“He had such a lovely time tromping around being the centre of attention," said Larry afterwards. "But what he doesn’t know is I had an even better afternoon fishing.”

You could have cut the passive aggression with a knife – well, unless you were Adam, that is...



When the campers won chocolate chip scones (must be an Australian thing) with jam and cream as their Dingo Dollars prize, it wasn't only the pronunciation of the word scone (is it s-cone or scon?) that caused ructions.

Adam got a serious amount of grief for his method of slicing them in half (to be fair, I think cutting down rather than across probably is a cry for help).

Adam wasn't happy about the abuse: "I’m 28 years old and I’ve got a C in Food Tech and I can’t be trusted to cut a s-cone?" Who knew?

Maybe the rest of the campers felt sorry for him but later on they let him use his knife skills on a Lama's neck. If it hadn't been dead to begin with, it certainly would have been by the time Adam was through with it.

The campers planned their perfect dinner parties


But it was less about the food and more about the company – or at least what they could bring to the party...

Carol wanted a private party with Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando "in their prime". "Are you inviting any girls?" asked a fellow camper. "No," replied Carol.

After weeks in the jungle on a diet of rice and beans, Adam was clearly ready to feed off scraps, saying he'd invite Leonardo DiCaprio because “he’d probably bring a few birds with him…”

Joel made a half-hearted attempt, citing fellow comic Billy Connolly and Paula Radcliffe but in the end admitted, “I don’t care, I just want to have dinner at a party.”

Scarlett wanted Mary Berry for her cakes and tips on “high hair”: “She is my aim when I’m older. I wanna look like Mary Berry.”

Sam wanted Beyonce to sing for her supper and Attenborough to tell stories (there’s no such thing as a free dinner at Sam’s place, apparently).

And Wayne would apparently be fuelling his partying with something other than food, inviting Bob Marley and cocaine baron Pablo Escobar to “hear all his stories”. Hard to know whether that would be an upper or a downer…

Farewell Carol


It might have been Martin... but in the end it was Carol who was the latest celebrity to get out of here. She'd had a great time but admitted that after nearly three weeks in the jungle she was "ready".

Afterwards, she summed up what the nation has been feeling about this particular group of celebs. “We were a team," she said. "[In past series] there’s always been one who’s a niggler and there have been arguments but it’s been different this year. I’ve loved it, especially the youngsters – my daughter's that age."

Adam, one of said youngsters, had very warm words for Carol in return. "She’s like your best friend, she’s like your big sister, she’s like all of that rolled into one.

"She’s wonder woman.”


I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! is tonight at 8:30pm on ITV


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