For days they've been moaning about his antics so imagine Martin Roberts' surprise when the camp decided to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for his love (what a choon, eh Cheryl?) and loyalty?


The girls were feeling a little low on numbers without Lisa and Ola, so they decided to ask Martin if he wanted to be in their gang. After all, as Scarlett says, you don't have to burn your bra and knit your own clothes to be a feminist.

The Homes Under The Hammer presenter was rather touched to see the celebs fighting over him, especially as he'd always been picked last for games at school.

"You have no idea what that does for my soul" he sighed in the Bush Telegraph, before joining forces with Carol and co and riling Adam up while he was at it.

Adam's Peter Andre moment

Speaking of Adam, the former jungle royal decided to take his own trip down memory lane with a rather jungle-friendly 90s throwback.

It was, as Andre himself would say, Insania.

Larry feels the love of the water snakes

If you thought Busk Tucker trials couldn't get any more insane then the latest one probably proved you wrong. Greek mythology seemed to play a pivotal role in Hell or High Water as Larry Lamb made friends with a whole host of snakes.

The actor was strapped to a chair in a rapidly filling water tank and accompanied by more snakes than Samuel L Jackson could handle in mid air. The serpents slithered their way around his arms and head, forming the kind of knightmarish knot that'd have us screaming I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here.

But this was Larry 'press ups at dawn' Lamb, and he wasn't budging until he and Jordan Banjo claimed all nine stars for camp.

The men who are scared of goats

Wayne Bridge has faced down many a football rival in his day but plant him in front of a goat and all hell breaks loose. The former X star teamed up with Adam to take on a Dingo Dollar challenge involving maths and several of the mischievous mammals and the result was a screaming goat video waiting to happen.

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Bridge faced his fear with gusto though, helping Adam to solve a sum and get the goats in line. He even found himself encouraging the creatures to play nice, eventually surpassing his jungle pal.

"He plays a farmer, doesn't he?" Bridge mused as Adam lost control of the herd. That's a fine Emmerdale burn there Wayne. Can we get you some cream for it Adam?

Mischief Managed

And finally, after weeks of peace and quiet, there was finally a bit of high drama in the jungle as the production staff set Joel a few secret missions.

From convincing the camp that he and Carol might have a jungle romance (it's not at all hard to believe, actually) to calling Larry Lamb 'sweet cheeks', Joel was charged with injecting gossip and intrigue into an otherwise very friendly jungle.

And for a while it actually worked, with Carol and Joel's fake budding romance becoming the talk of the camp before they revealed the truth and received some very nice little snacks from home - including digestive biscuits and some salt and vinegar crisps.


We wanna be in their gang and now that Jordan's gone, there might just be an opening.