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Could I'm A Celebrity be filmed in the UK next year?

Will I'm A Celebrity return to Australia or stay in the UK? Everything we know so far about the 2021 series location.

I'm A Celebrity
Published: Friday, 4th December 2020 at 11:45 pm

Once Ant and Dec crown the show's very first King or Queen of the Castle, fans will be undoubtedly turning their attentions to next year's series, asking the question: "Where will I'm A Celebrity 2021 take place?"


With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting the TV industry all over the world, I'm A Celebrity was forced to relocate from the Australian jungle to a castle in North Wales this year – but will producers be tempted to stay in the UK?

Viewers certainly wouldn't mind it as two-thirds of them told they would like to see the series in the UK next year.

Read on for everything we know so far about I'm A Celebrity 2021 and where it'll be filmed, or check out the rumours about the I'm A Celebrity 2021 line-up.

Where will I'm A Celebrity 2021 be filmed?

Unfortunately for those already desperate to know where I'm A Celebrity 2021 will be filmed is set to take place, ITV has not given any hints about location away just yet as it's too early to tell what the situation with COVID will be like in a year's time.

The show has typically filmed in Australia's New South Wales, with the celebrities camping out around Springbrook National Park near Murwillumbah – and so, COVID-permitting, we would predict that the series would return Down Under next year.

However, according to ITV, this year's I'm A Celebrity launch was watched by the most viewers in the show's history, with 14.3 million tuning into watch the campmates enter the Welsh castle – so it's possible that these figures could sway producers to stray from the Australian location once again.

In fact, The Sun reported in November that I'm A Celeb bosses were thinking of alternating the campsite between the Australian jungle and the Welsh castle each year, with the publication's source saying that producers have "loved trying new things with a different location" this year.

"It means that next year Ant and Dec would be back in the traditional jungle, before returning to Wales again the following year," they added. "It depends a lot on how viewers like this coming series, but everyone is confident it'll be move loved than ever given its new twists."

Speaking to, Vick Hope – who hosts I'm A Celebrity's new companion show The Daily Drop – revealed that while she has no idea what producers will do next year, this year's location change has been harder for the celebrities who were heading into the unknown, but really exciting for viewers.

"There is an argument for just dropping them into a different place each year, they have no idea where it is," she laughed. "Get them in a helicopter, blindfold them, get them to jump out and they only find out when they arrive where they'll be spending the next three weeks."

Series showrunner Richard Cowles has also said I'm A Celebrity could remain in Wales, but no final decision had been made just yet.

He told Broadcast Now: “Australia has been I’m A Celebrity’s natural home and the Welsh version was born out of necessity rather than choice, but we’ve learned a lot and so maybe there is a UK incarnation of the show.

“We will look at what being in Wales means for the format going forward. Is it something we would want to do again, or do we want to return to Australia?”

Where was I'm A Celebrity filmed this year?

This year's I'm A Celebrity filming location was Gwrych Castle near Abergele in Wales.

Forced to stay in the UK due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the I'm A Celebrity 2020 line-up camped out in the North Welsh castle, which owners are thought to have received £300,000 for the location rights.

Earlier in the year, ITV Studios' Director of Entertainment Richard Cowles said: "We pulled out all the stops to try and make the series happen in Australia."


"Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and despite us looking at many different contingencies, it became apparent that it just wasn’t possible for us to travel and make the show there."

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm. If you’re looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.

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