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Who's left the jungle and who won I'm a Celebrity 2018? The full list of eliminated stars

Who's been voted off the ITV reality series, and what order have the finalists come in? Here are the celebrities who have missed out on being crowned King or Queen of the Jungle

Published: Monday, 10th December 2018 at 9:11 am

The grand final of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 2018 is upon us, meaning one of Emily Atack, John Barrowman and Harry Redknapp will be crowned king or queen of the jungle.


But which of them and their fellow celebs have been voted out and in what order? Here's a reminder of all the contenders for the title and when they fell...

WINNER: Harry Redknapp

Footie manager Harry Redknapp is the 2018 King of the Jungle! He's made us laugh, he's made us go "aaaah!" (especially when it came to his incredible bond with wife Sandra) – and before he left camp for good, he made us go "aaaaargh!" one last time...

Second place: Emily Atack

The Inbetweeners star just missed being crowned Queen of the Jungle, coming a valiant second to Harry Redknapp but not before putting herself through this final Bushtucker Trial just for a pint...

Third place: John Barrowman

The Doctor Who star was the first of the three finalists to leave the jungle, but not before smashing his final Bushtucker Trial – a very tough eating challenge...

Eighth eliminated: Fleur East

After a valiant and entertaining three weeks in the jungle, Fleur East was voted out by the public, leaving Harry, Emily and John to compete for the Jungle crown in Sunday's final.

In her post-exit interview with Holly and Dec, Fleur said Harry had been like a father to her, and that she wants him to win. She also doubled down on all the positive energy that has been seeping out of the camp this series.

"We made so many good friends in there, we became like family," she said. "It was just amazing."

Seventh eliminated: James McVey

James McVey I'm a Celeb

After finishing in the bottom two with Harry, James became the seventh celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

“I’m so happy. It’s been the toughest thing I’ve ever done and I’m over the moon to have done it,” he told Holly and Dec after crossing the bridge. "I’m ready to have a pizza, to be honest! Your mental strength takes you through but your body never quite gets through it."

James added that he was pleased to leave the show after 21 days, claiming he was struggling after the previous elimination. "I saw Nick [Knowles] as a father figure. I was inspired by him, but I struggled without having him in the jungle to look up to," he explained.

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Sixth eliminated: Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles, I'm a Celeb (ITV)
Nick Knowles, I'm a Celeb (ITV)

In another shock elimination, once camp-favourite Nick Knowles was the sixth celebrity to be voted out the jungle after 20 days in camp (we blame the singing, if we're honest).

He explained he was partially inspired by Brexit as he entered camp, as he wanted to see whether he would get along with a group of people he wouldn't usually hang around with.

"We're having such a hard time in the UK at the moment and there's such division at home, I wanted us to prove a point," he said.

On his singing skills, and whether he would release another album after going to number 1 (thanks to Chris Moyles), he kindly said, "I think the nation has suffered enough."

Nick Knowles: Chivalrous to the end.

Fifth eliminated: Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty, I'm a Celeb (ITV)

Much like fellow campmate Rita, The Chase star Anne Hegarty was happy to be departing jungle life. With herself and John Barrowman in the bottom two, she said it was "brilliant" that she was leaving over her campmate.

Reflecting on how difficult she found jungle life to start with, Anne told Holly and Dec, "I was like, we’re walking down into hell. Then we got to Snake Rock, and I just sort of couldn’t process it. It was like the reality sort of hit me, and I was like, ‘What have I done? I can’t remotely do this? What was I thinking?’"

However, it was the kindness of her campmates that encouraged her to persevere, with Anne adding, "I could not remotely have done it without 10 fantastic other people. It was all down to them. It was all about them. They are so, so kind."

Anne was also pleased to hear that viewers at home had found her frankness in talking about her autism inspiring.

Fourth eliminated: Rita Simons

Rita Simons, I'm a Celeb (ITV)

Rita became the latest celebrity to leave the jungle, following 18 days in the jungle — but she wasn’t too upset about leaving, apparently.

“I’m so happy, I’m sorry, I’m really happy,” Rita said to the remaining seven campmates. “I’m so happy, honestly.” Might she have been just the tiniest bit relieved to leave the jungle behind then?

“You look devastated,” Dec quipped when she arrived in the studio.

Rita said that looking back, she was particularly proud of tackling her fears of heights and deep water: “I’ve met some amazing people, it’s been one hell of an experience, and I’ve never been as happy as I am now” (OK Rita, we get the picture). Asked who should win, Rita said: “Harry! And Harry is winning, just so you know”

Third eliminated: Sair Khan

Sair Khan, I'm a Celeb (ITV)

Coronation Street star Sair said farewell to the jungle after 17 days Down Under, become the third celebrity to leave the camp.

"It's so weird being outside," she told Dec and Holly after crossing the bridge. "I can't believe i've been in there for over two weeks".

The actress said she felt as though she was watching the TV while sharing the camp with famous faces and admitted that she'd found things a little bit difficult during her first few days. However, she said the toughest thing had actually been being away from friends and family.

Sair heaped praise upon the women in the jungle, explaining how they'd provided her with a brilliant support network. "I do love my girls," she said.

Second eliminated: Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 22.21.52

Malique Thompson-Dwyer was the second celebrity to leave the jungle (even if John Barrowman did take an unplanned break due to an injury) after he and Sair Khan were both revealed to be at risk from the public vote.

After crossing the drawbridge to meet I'm a Celebrity hosts Dec and Holly, Malique admitted "I'm just glad to be out now. I'm absolutely starving and I was really struggling with the food situation," before necking a glass of fizz in one go.

Malique said he would miss all of his fellow celebrities and "the spirit" of the camp, telling Dec and Holly "everyone keeps everyone going". But he made particular reference to "geezer" Harry Redknapp and "big sister" Fleur East.

Then it was time to head off to see his mum – and tuck in to some non-bush tucker.

First eliminated: Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds, I'm a Celeb (ITV)
Noel Edmonds, I'm a Celeb (ITV)

In a shock twist, it was between Noel Edmonds and Rita Simons - with Noel receiving the least amount of votes to stay.

"I'm disappointed," he admitted to hosts Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly, "But I'm so excited to be back with [my wife] Liz.

"The whole thing is such a weird experience.

"It's in my top 10 Noel Edmonds moments. I was always going to be myself, open and honest. I've been myself and I certainly haven't lied.

"I've been doing some meditation and reflecting on how fortunate I am. I was lying there the other morning and thinking about all of the things I've done. The broadcasting opportunities I've had on the BBC and Channel 4 and ITV. But this is in the Top 10 life experiences for me."

He added he was spurred on to star on the show by his son. "I came here for a combination of things. My son Harrison said I had to do it, so there was that persuasion. I wanted to do something different," he said.

"This is the finest production I've ever been associated with. I'm humbled and proud to have been part of it."

When quizzed by Holly about being a late entry, he joked, "You didn't make it any easier for me, did you? But what I did which was really smart was choose the best advisor.

"I couldn't have done it without Redknapp. My right-hand man."

However, he chose X Factor Fleur East as who he'd back to be crowned Queen of the Jungle.


We'll miss you, Noel. And we never thought we'd say that.


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