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I'm a Celebrity 2016 Day 11: Martin loses his crown in a gruelling Bushtucker Trial, Adam gets revenge and Wayne goes all Die Hard

How the Marti have fallen... An incredible anniversary Bushtucker Trial sorts the men from the women, Adam gets his own back on Martin and Wayne channels John McClane...

Published: Friday, 25th November 2016 at 7:19 am

Woah, that really was some Bushtucker Trial, even by I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!'s high standards, and after losing out to the incredible Ola, King Martin was divested of his crown. His fellow campmates will feel it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy but Martin quickly proved he could be just as annoying a servant as he was a ruler.


What goes around comes around, though, and Adam found a way to get Martin back. Petty? Perhaps. But in the jungle you have to take your pleasure where you can find it...

We witnessed one of the most gruelling Bushtucker Trials ever


Who fancies a pint? What’ll it be? A Bloodweiser? A San Mig-Hell? A Fly Neken?

Yes, the main focus of tonight’s episode was the Bush Brewery where royalty Martin and Adam took on servants Ola and Joel in a drinking game.

It was a historic occasion – the 300th ever Bushtucker Trial – and it really lived up to it with the two sides choosing the most repulsive drinks ever for each other, slugging (or should that be glugging) it out blow by disgusting blow.

Ola necked blended beach worms. Martin was handed a refreshing mix of flies and pupae, which he also managed to get down. Joel had to drink snails, which French viewers must have thought was a cop out (although, to be fair, there is a difference between eating them drenched in garlic butter and having them whizzed up into a mulchy grey liquid – there’s probably a reason that’s not a classic way of serving them).

Then there was a cow’s heart shake, followed by a cow’s hoof shake (I guess that’s what they call nose to tail drinking), pig’s penis, crocodile anus… the list went on and on, the drinks went down and amazingly very little came back up again, which meant it was tie-break time: Ola v Martin in a race to sink a pint of blended sheep's testes. And Ola – who had been a total machine throughout nailed it again.

The result of all this hard – very hard – drinking is that Ola is now temporary Queen of the jungle alongside a very happy Sam – "It's so nice to have a fellow Queen in camp... it'll definitely be more chilled without Martin" – while Adam retains his royal crown and Joel stays below stairs.

“This is the best TV I’ve ever seen,” said Joel, and we have to agree. 

Wayne channeled Die Hard to solve the Dingo Dollar challenge

In a rules/voting development which I confess was lost on me, Wayne became the fourth royal alongside Sam, Ola and Adam and they were all sent off to take on the Dingo Dollar challenge, which consisted of wading into a pool of green bile and scooping out liquid – the twist being that they had to use a three litre and a five litre container to measure out four litres.

Just as I shouted “Die Hard!” at the telly, the realisation also dawned on Wayne – Bruce Willis’s maverick cop John McClane was faced with exactly this problem in the third film. Wayne remembered how he did it and the challenge was won. Who says Hollywood movies aren’t educational?

Yippi ki-yay, brother tucker!

Adam got his own back on Martin


Yum, chocolate

Now this will shock you, but the Martin formerly known as King didn’t quite enjoy his new life of serfdom as much as he did being a royal. 

Before he was divested of his crown, he had been laying on the royal shctick thick, demanding of his servants first thing in the morning, “We’re all a bit peckish here in our royal kingdom, do you have any idea about breakfast?” and, after it was delivered, telling them “That was hardly a breakfast fit for a king”.

But guess what? Once he found himself on the other side of the equation he didn’t have quite the same good humour, and amongst a lot of moaning (not to mention backchat to Queen Ola on the jungle phone), he decided to get one over on King Adam, “accidentally” tripping as he delivered him a drink and throwing it all over him.

Adam took it with his usual good humour – until it came to delivering the prize from the Dingo Dollar challenge, when he handed out chocolate to all his fellow campmates except Martin.

Shame, that would have been just the thing to take away the taste of fly pupae and sheep's balls...

Who's doing the next Bushtucker Trial?

Of course the viewing public have chosen Adam to take on whatever the next Bushtucker Trial has in store because he's so entertaining to watch. Hopefully we'll get to hear some more of his made up jungle language. Wayne will be defending his throne alongside Adam and we'll find out today which two servants will be trying to usurp them.

Whatever the task is, it can't be as bad as today's... can it?


I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! is back on ITV tonight at 9pm


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