How the internet reacted to last night’s Bake Off ‘twist’

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry gave us a GBBO first that we were all sort of expecting... weren't we?

We all knew it would come eventually and it was last night’s Bake Off episode that became The One Where No One Went Home.


Viewers were given a rather lengthy ‘We couldn’t make up our mind’ speech from judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Richard had done this, Kate had done that…

There was apparently no concrete decision to be made about which of the two bakers should be sent packing from the tent. Co-host Sue Perkins joked there’d been some “argy-bargy” between the judging duo, with viewers left to imagine Mary whacking Paul around the head with a saucepan, or something of the sort.

Hooray for Kate and Richard, the two in the firing line who get to stay in the tent for at least another week. But we all knew what was going on, didn’t we? Diana Beard sadly had to leave the competition two weeks ago, so if they continued to send a baker home each week, the show would finish too early. There’d be a blank listing in the Radio Times, with us all scratching our heads as to what went wrong…

Paul and Mary could of course have used this free pass last week to LET NORMAN STAY. But I’m not mad about that at all.

Anyway, the delightful ending prompted some hilarious reactions on Twitter:

The fruit was quite vocal

Even though the stress was resolved, some people couldn’t let go

Capital letters mean shock.

Some were right there with Paul and Mary in this difficult ‘no decision’ week



I think we can all agree on this

But it’s OK. We got some good wisdom along the way.


The Great British Bake Off continues next Wednesday at 8:00pm on BBC1