How did Mark and Bianca stand out at The Apprentice auditions? Some bold self-promotion…

The two 2014 finalists tell us how they ensured they stood out at the beginning of Lord Sugar’s nail-biting process

Forget the ten weeks of tasks and boardroom grillings from Lord Sugar, it’s a tough process just to become a candidate on The Apprentice. There are plenty of people looking for a £250,000 business investment from the famous backer, so finalists Mark Wright and Bianca Miller had to use their imaginations to get noticed.


And the chance to hang out with aide Nick Hewer in his cool dude shades, of course.

So, the duo put their thinking caps on – and instead of sticking flashing lights to the front of their jackets, slinging on a hot dog outfit, singing The Wheels on the Bus or posting anyone a cheesecake, they both opted for a similar approach. 

For Bianca, it was all about visual aids:

“On audition day I turned up with the pack of information you’re required to bring with you, and the front cover was a picture of me that said ‘Winner of The Apprentice 2014’.

“Maybe a little full of myself,” she laughs.

As long as she hadn’t considered a self-assembly, paper version of herself, eh?

As for Mark, it was about being direct:

“Mark turned up and said ‘Hi, I’m the winner,’” Bianca laughs. “So similarly we both went into this to win.”

It’s hardly surprising from a man who once said… 


On Sunday, Lord Sugar will decide whether to back Bianca’s hosiery business or Mark’s online sales proposition. Before the winner is crowned, join our vote to support the candidate you think should win: