For all of Bake Off's desperation to avoid a soggy bottom, on Tuesday came the decidedly soggy news that Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins will leave the show when it moves to Channel 4.


So it's with a heavy heart that we celebrate what's so great about them. There was plenty to choose from. In fact, we say this is 'everything' we'll miss, but we could go on all week. So here's everything we could manage before we went to shed a quiet little tear over a cuppa...

Their friendship. Ultimate work BFF goals.

The fact that they say outrageous things like this...

...and we panic a bit...

...before remembering it's Bake Off and everything's OK.

They're the naughty kids who get away with making fun of grown-ups Paul and Mary

We'll miss that a time check is never just a time check

And the fact that they just want to eat everything...

...even if the bakers haven't finished with it yet

No opportunity for an accent is missed

They *try* not to play with the food

But, you know...

They always talk the bakers up

But call them out on things too

'Coz, you know, they've learned a bit along the way

They always try to be helpful...

Even if they *occasionally* elbow a muffin...

And when times are tough, they're always there to remind the bakers it's just a cake

Plus they always seem genuinely upset when people leave, and give them a 'Mel and Sue sandwich'

Mel and Sue, if we could, we'd give you a Bake Off hug, too.


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