Gogglesprogs is a thing of genius

Gogglebox has handed the remote to the children... and the result is fantastic, says Emma Daly

I watch an awful lot of television, but I’ve never circled something in my Christmas Radio Times magazine with as much passion as I have for this year’s Gogglesprogs (Christmas Day at 8pm, Channel 4). And that’s for a second viewing. 


The Gogglebox adults have been shifted out – sorry Leon, June and co – and the kids are in. Just like the grown-ups they watch a whole range of TV shows – from The Great British Bake Off final to the latest news bulletin – and you’ll go through every emotion with them. 

There’s sheer joy when Disney’s Frozen comes on, one little girl leaps up to sing along while her brother huffs and puffs behind her. There’s comedy when two pals clap vigorously as they watch Ed Miliband’s resignation speech, yelling at him to “not give up on his dreams”. There’s hilarity when young lads argue about what the Queen does – “she just waves!” – and struggle to work out exactly who Prince Charles is asking, “Did she marry her son?” There’s sadness as they watch – eyes as wide as saucers – as baby elephants struggle for survival in Natural World. And you’ll be giggling again as two older gal pals discuss Jurassic Park: “Basically, dinosaurs are like violent giraffes”, asserting that they’d definitely visit Isla Nublar because, you know, “YOLO”. 

I smiled from beginning to end and can’t wait to watch it again. Thank goodness they’re making a whole series. Circle it, circle it now…


Gogglesprogs, 8pm Christmas Day on Channel 4