Gogglebox’s Steph: “Probably we drink too much, but I’m still here”

“I know it’s not good for me and I should be eating mung beans and green tea all day. But it’s not who I am,” the reality TV star told the Radio Times Festival

Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom Parker hit the headlines this week when they were asked to leave The One Show green room after perhaps enjoying the free alcohol a bit too much.


“We overdid it a bit because we were excited,” Steph told the Sun, having appeared on the show to promote their new book Steph and Dom’s Guide to Life. “We just opened the fridge in the green room and went, ‘Hello, why should we go anywhere else? It’s all here!’”

The Gogglebox duo are well known for enjoying a tipple, often seen whipping up a drink or two while dishing out their comments on the latest telly. But they describe their on-screen drinking as “honest”.

“I think the reality is that every time you see us, it’s the evening. We’re watching telly, I’m not going to be sitting there with a bowl of porridge and a coffee, I’m going to be sitting there with a drink,” Steph explained at this weekend’s Radio Times Festival. “Does it reinforce? I don’t know. I just think it’s honest to say that end of a long day of course I’m going to have a drink.

“I’m not going to be embarrassed about that. I know it’s not good for me and I should be eating mung beans and green tea all day. But, it’s not who I am and therefore I’m not going to apologise. Probably we drink too much but I’m still here,” Steph continued, earning a warm round of applause from the crowd.

“Life is here, life is for living and it is for enjoying. It’s for being responsible. We’re parents of two children, we know exactly what we’re doing. You know, it’s almost, get over that bit, move on, because it’s an awful lot more interesting once you’ve done that.”

The duo film for around twelve hours of an evening – “we’re not having a gin and tonic with breakfast” – and say they’ve made a solemn promise to do the show for as “long as it’s fun”.

“The minute it stops being fun, and we stop enjoying it, we’ll stop doing it,” Steph said. “We’re having a blast. It sounds cheesy, but after 19 years I get to spend an awful lot of time with this chap who I really quite like. When you’ve got a job, family – you all know – you kind of lose that a little bit and we’ve sort of found that again. We’re talking to each other again. I love it.”

Chin chin.


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