Gogglebox’s Dom Parker: I wouldn’t let anyone replace me on the sofa

One half of Gogglebox’s posh couple may be out in Austria, but there’ll be no stealing his spot on the couch next to wife Steph

Gogglebox’s Dom Parker is in Austria taking part in reality show The Jump – he’s on the subs’ bench after being knocked out on Sunday night – but there’ll be no one taking his spot back home on the famous sofa.


“I don’t think they’d want anyone else,” Dom tells RadioTimes.com when we ask about the possibility that filming on the two Channel 4 shows could overlap, before adding firmly “I don’t think I’d allow that.”

And there we were thinking Steph might have lined up George Clooney as a substitute (or at least Nigel Farage)…

“They’d have to marry her,” laughs Dom. And get her drinks just right, of course. There can’t be any Posh Couple viewing without a good beverage from their well-stocked bar.

And it looks like Dom’s new Jump buddy – and fellow bench warmer – Phil Tufnell has an open invite to pop round to the B&B, especially when Steph and Dom launch their own chat show.

“I can come in as a waiter or something,” suggests Tufnell, miming tottering in with a drinks tray.

The two men are even planning a few more trips together; some skiing holidays, even some mountaineering, Dom suggests.

Of course they’re still kind of hoping they might pop back in at the end of The Jump and win. Their times on the skeleton weren’t quite fast enough on Sunday, but they both successfully landed a live ski jump.

“It’s anyone’s game. Anyone can fall over…”


The Jump continues tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 4