Fired Apprentice candidate leaves with longest exit line ever

We're used to a quick "thank you for the opportunity" but this candidate had a lot more to say for herself...

We’ve heard a lot of thank-you-for-the-opportunities in ten years of The Apprentice, and a few pointless pleas for a reprieve but rarely does a fired candidate have a speech prepared like Jenny in this week’s episode.


Getting it all in before the boardroom door hits you on the way out isn’t easy either, so the 23-year-old business management student had to take a deep breath and speak quickly…

“I really appreciate the opportunity. I’m really disappointed not to have shown you what I’m really capable of Lord Sugar, because I do actually think I had the capability to win this process. Many of the other candidates in the house said that they were worried that I was going to be in the final with them. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to show you that,” she said.

“Good luck guys…”

“…and thank you.”

Same to you, Jenny!

Hmmm, I kind of feel like I should say a bit more…


The Apprentice continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC1