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Everything you need to know about the new series of Hunted on Channel 4

The deep surveillance show is back for a fourth series

Hunted 4 - Fugitive Specials (Channel 4)
Published: Thursday, 14th February 2019 at 8:15 pm

Hunted is back for its fourth outing on Channel 4. You’ll know the drill by now – ten seemingly ordinary folk go off-grid and on the run, hiding their location even from loved ones as they attempt to evade the clutches of a crack team of hunters, made up of military and intelligence operatives.


If the contestants remain at liberty for 25 days, they'll claim up to £100,000 in prize money.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new series…

What time and channel is Hunted on TV?

Series four of Hunted starts on Thursday 10th January at 9pm on Channel 4.

How long is the series?

We'll follow the contestants over the course of six weekly episodes.

How many people are going off grid?

This series sees ten people try their luck at evading the authorities, with four teams of two and two solo fugitives hoping to win a share of the grand prize.

Where’s their starting point?

The hopefuls will start their mission from a dock in Liverpool.

How does the prize money work?

The total pot is £100,000, divided equally between the individuals who manage to stay undetected for 25 days.

Given that there are ten contenders, that means a successful contestant will win at least £10,000. But as others are caught, the size of their potential share rises. If, for instance, just one person managed to escape the hunters for the full 25-day period, they'd have the £100K all to themselves.

Once they make it to the 25 day mark, the contestants must head to a designated 'extraction' point in order to receive their share of the prize money.

Who are the contestants?

Loren Hannon, 26: Personal Banker, Essex


Loren is heading onto Hunted in an attempt to challenge herself.

“I wanted to see how I would do on my own,” she said. “So I just wanted to see, can I do this?”

However, the personal banker admits she’s a bit of a home girl, and will struggle without seeing her family.

“I have never spent any time away from my mum, my nan and grandad. So it is more that I have no contact. But I am going to try my hardest not to let that trip me up.”

Emma Davidson, 23: Neo-natal Intensive Care Nurse, Devon
Jess Kirkham, 27: Neuro Intensive Care Nurse, Devon

While the twosome admit they’re primarily on the show for a bit of fun, they did warn their rivals not to underestimate them.

“We come across quite silly, but we have some good plans and some very good contacts that will benefit us along the way,” said Emma.

Matt Mason, 29: Royal Marine, Devon

Matt, Hunted 4 - Fugitive Specials (Channel 4)

Hunted should be a piece of cake from Matt, who's previously done three tours in Afghanistan.

“For me, the decisions that I am going to be making are very calculated, not off the cuff. Rural, I’m going to be rural and completely out of CCTV, being able to hide out is part of my job anyway, and I think that will give me an edge.”

Matt is also hoping to win a share of the £100,000 for his wife, to support his nine-month-old son.

“To take part in Hunted will give me a great opportunity to win a substantial amount of money, whether it will be ten grand or a hundred, to support my family. Especially giving my wife a few more months, if not years, off work, so that she can look after and help develop my nine month old son.”

Harry Savage, 20: Drama student, Essex
Frank Savage, 23: Campsite owner, East Sussex

The brothers signed up to the show to spend some quality time with one another, and to just enjoy the experience and have fun.

“We’ll be stupid, and we’ll argue,” they said.

Frank also hopes the experience will build younger brother Harry’s confidence.

“Harry I think struggles to believe in himself, he is more than capable, but he struggles to believe in what he does, so he always needs someone to say ‘yeah you can do this’.

Paul James, 48: Construction Manager, Hertfordshire
Nick Bachelor, 51: Lead youth worker, Kent

As two of the older contestants this year, Nick and Paul are planning on using the experience and tricks they’ve picked up over the years to try to outsmart the hunters.

“We will use the tactics that we have learned from our past,” said Nick. “Maybe manipulation a little bit? Using our resilience and things that we have learnt over the years.”

Paul is certain that the pair will make it to the end of the 25 days, adding, “ The odds are stacked heavily in the favour of the Hunters, but that is what makes it exciting. We have been against odds most of our lives, and we have come out of it pretty good, so… another day in the office really."

Nathaniel Watt, 26: Architecture student, Nottingham
Ismail Haruna, 27: Architectural technologist, Nottingham

Nate and Ish Hunted 4 - Fugitive Specials (Channel 4)

Nate and Ish are confident they’ll make it the full 25 days, as fans of the show.

“I scream at the telly when I watch it, but it’s different when you’re on it and I want to put my money where my mouth is,” Nate explained.

However, Ish is more cautious about how confident they should be.


“I think we’re really confident, but I think we know too much confidence can make you overlook simple mistakes you could make. We’ll go in with confidence but we’ll stay vigilant throughout. We can’t get too overconfident,” he said.

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