Ella Shaw goes dubstep for BGT semi-finals – and the song’s so good it made Ant miss his cue

During the auditions, the co-host was so engrossed in Ella’s very different performance that he forgot to come up on stage

It looks like singer Ella Shaw will wow the judges again on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-final, as even her rehearsal caused co-host Ant McPartlin to miss his cue. 


“Ant forgot to come up [on stage] because he was so lost in what I was doing,” Ella laughed to RadioTimes.com after the run through. “It was really sweet.”

Ella’s certainly set to surprise. After sailing through to this week’s live semi-finals with her self-penned jazz track Summertime, she’s stepping out from behind the piano to put her own spin on an existing uptempo track. 

“It’s completely different,” Ella explained of the song she’ll cover. “I did a jazz ballad in my first audition behind a piano, now I’m doing a kind of dance dubstep track, with literally a microphone.”

“Now I have an opportunity, I wanted to show another side.”

And while Ella’s focus is entirely on tonight’s performance, if she was to make it into Sunday’s final, the crooner has already planned to return to the style of her original audition and perform her own song. “That’s what people liked at the end of the day.”

Ella’s certainly got a lot of support behind her, revealing that her fan base already has its own nickname. 

“They call themselves the ‘Shawies’,” she smiled. “It’s amazing. I’ve been contacted by so many people.”


Britain’s Got Talent continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV